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One hour into Cambridge Diet


Staying on plan!


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Got my fingers crossed, good luck with it. It does work xx


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Good luck Claire you are doing well:vibes:

Love Mini xxx


Staying on plan!
Thanks guys


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Good luck Claire:D

Keep drinking the water and coming on here when you are finding it tough:p

The first week is the worst but it is so worth it;)
Good luck. I am on day 6 and it does get easier after the first few days. This site is great, looking at everyones big losses keeps me motivated. Stick with it and the weight will fall off you. xx
Good luck Claire!

I remember posting on my first day doing CD back in February 2006 and saying "I've nearly completed 2/3 of my first day on CD - and they said it wouldn't last!"

I'm glad to say it DID last .. all the way through the end (see my signature for the details). This is the first day of the rest of your slim-line life. Enjoy the journey :)


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Good Luck, I only started yesterday, havent tried the shakes, will be having one this evening!!! Its really not bad. I started yesterday lunch tiime and only got really hungry at about 10pm last night because the other half was stuffing his face infront of me..


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Good luck with it all, sounds like you're doing well already!


Just about on the wagon!
Good luck and don't forget to come on here when things get tough!!

Well done and good luck Claire! This is my Day 1 again too :) My last ever day one though! I was doing so well on CD for a couple of weeks and then lost the plot a little and did a bit of SW and a bit of CD but I have sworn now that it's CD all the way!!! xxx


Staying on plan!
Thank you for all your good wishes guys.
As a quick update, I'm now up to 6 pints of water, 2 black coffees, and just struggled my way through a broccoli and cheese soup. Not the best soup i've ever had lol. But I made it through :)


need to be old goofy me
Hey CeeKay ~ good luck on your CD journey! :D


need to be old goofy me
Ooh apparently the brocolli & cheese soup is vile! Try some of the others... you'll find one's you like!


Staying on plan!
Yeah, it really wasnt all that lol. Wonder what it would be like as crisps???
Might try tomorrow.


need to be old goofy me
Only one way to find out! Let us know how they turn out... i've never tried the brocolli & cheese soup because everyone gave it a bad review...

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