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  1. citroenv

    citroenv Member

    I've been doing this for over a week now. I have lost 13lbs and I seem to have got over the hunger pangs - though it really was touch and go on days 4 and 7, and I felt miserable and hungry for 3-4 hours on each of those days.

    Our local pharmacy sell the female shakes to men and they just tell us to have 4 a day instead of 2 large ones. Apparently it works out just the same.

    I'm in a better pattern of drinking the shakes now. I didn't eat breakfast when I was eating (I'm never hungry in the morning) so now I have my first one at lunchtime, one after work, one about 8 and one before bed - it works well for me, tonight I didn't really feel like having my fourth one as I felt pretty full up, but I had it anyway to prevent hunger from keeping me awake.

    I haven't felt hungry at all today, so hopefully I'm past the worst. I was seriously thinking of jacking it in last night, but I hung on because I'm tired of looking all 'jowly' and getting middle aged spread. It looks bad on blokes, Clarkson on Top Gear last night had a sizeable belly on him and it just makes him look awful. Well, that and his 'haircut'.

    I'll keep going until I feel I can't do this any longer or until I get to my goal of 14 stone. I'm 16'5 at the moment, started at 17'4, so I reckon there's about 6 weeks more to do. It may take longer than that but if I take up running again that might help to accelerate the weight loss.

    It gets easier, they say, and that is certainly what I'm finding. The hard times seem to come just before it gets easier; a lot easier.
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  3. bigjeeze

    bigjeeze Full Member

    Well done = keep going. I have been using either 1 soup and 2 flapjacks although I did experiment with 4 flapjacks - which I found OK.
  4. citroenv

    citroenv Member

    Hi, thanks for that. I find the flapjacks quite dry but I save them for when I'm out on the road all day because I can have them whilst driving, washed down with (another!) bottle of fizzy water.

    It's hard to stick to the shakes when I'm working, there's no facility to mix them up, so I often just live through the hunger for a bit or use up a flapjack to get through the day. Being able to carry something with me to eat would be a bonus, but they say not to pre-prepare the shakes, like in a flask or anything.

    I see you've been on this for a while now, I'm guessing hunger just doesn't come into it after more than a few weeks ? Mine seems to be passing, but I was a voracious and greedy eater beforehand so it's good for me to learn some restaint.
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    You are off to a brilliant start with 13lb...almost a stone in your first week! Well done:happy096:
  6. citroenv

    citroenv Member

    Thanks Mini.

    I hope to keep on going, one day at a time, if I keep busy I barely think of food, and if I keep drinking enough water I rarely get hunger pangs.

    But food is so prevalent, see just how many commercials are for food in the ad breaks on TV, how many times they show food looking delicious in those ads, it's quite tempting when all you have is one more shake to go and 3 small bottles of water.

    That aside, the denial of something I like must surely be doing me some good on some level. Will it teach me to value food in the future, rather than shoveling it in like in the past ? Will I learn to see food not as a substitute for feeling good, but as what it actually is ?

    I've stopped doing daily weighs at the moment, at the weekend I 'lost' 2lbs on Friday night, 1lb the next night, and put all 3 back on by Sunday. Daily fluctuations must account for most of that, it doesn't seem realistic to lose 2lbs just whilst sleeping. Even if you do have a long lie in !

    I'll keep track of my daily progress in other ways, like when I go another notch tighter on my belt, and how I don't seem to stretch my favourite top quite so much, and the face looking back at me from my mirror isn't quite so porky.

    And I also feel 'lighter' now - not in a weight sense, but inside. I feel less bogged down by stuff, freer somehow, so maybe that's the effect of sacrificing something you love for a greater good - who knows ? Or maybe my body's just thankful that I'm not carting around quite so much blubber.

    Anyway, it's time for another bottle of water.
  7. izzysmum

    izzysmum Full Member

    Don't forget you can use a lipotrim shaker to mix your shakes when in the car or just away from a blender. Just take a pack , a bottle of plain water and the shaker and the jobs a good un !!
  8. Peggysue

    Peggysue Silver Member

    Put coffee in the vanilla shake and put in micro for 25 secs
  9. citroenv

    citroenv Member

    Day 13 and the weight seems to be melting away. I'm now 15'12 and starting to get comments from people I know that I seem to have lost weight.

    No more hunger pangs, except when I'm late having a shake or a soup. And even then, like last night when I went to sleep feeling slightly hungry it was easy to sleep and the pangs were gone when I woke up.

    I've started having the fibre supplement with a shake each lunchtime, it dissolves easily and is quite tasteless. Whether it helps ward off any discomfort or not I can't say, but it doesn't do any harm and will be doing me some good on some level.

    We've got a dinner at friends house tonight, they know I'm on this diet so I'll be on soup & shakes whilst they pig out. I'm not bothered by the prospect, my resolve is strong.

    My belly is considerably flatter and clothes fit me much better. I'm glad I started this, can't wait to get simmer & slimmer, I'm amazed at how fast the weight is falling off me.
  10. Peggysue

    Peggysue Silver Member

    Sounds like you are on the ball with this diet. Keep strong and get thinner ;)
  11. citroenv

    citroenv Member

    Day 41 - lost 37lbs.

    I've been 100% so far, and yet the weight loss seems to be erratic at times (week 3 -3lbs, week 4 -3lbs, week 5 -6.5lbs) - but one thing is constant, and that is that the weight loss is continual and I no longer have hunger pangs except when it's time for my next shake.

    Although having said that, I was tempted last night when I saw some people eating pizza on TV - it's odd, but that was enough to make me question my resolve and it was a tough call not to cave in and order some pizza. I'm glad I didn't, and today it seems bizarre for me to have so nearly weakened after weeks of not missing food at all.

    This diet definitely gets easier the longer you do it and last night's blip aside I am still going strong. I hope to be able to lose another 20lbs and come off it at the end of March. I'll then (hopefully!) be 13 stone 4lbs as opposed to 17 stone 5lbs at the start. I'm currently 14 stone 10lbs and I think that if I start to do some running in the next few days that should accelerate my weight loss.

    Here's hoping I don't get tempted by any silly ideas of breaking this diet, 37lbs lost in less than 6 weeks is fantastic, and I know in my heart that when I start eating again I have to eat sensibly - and to not let things get out of hand again. If I start to put on weight I won't allow myself to get over 14 stone before I take action, but if I'm sensible and keep fit and active that won't happen anyway.

    Fingers crossed for the rest of this month !

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