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One missed week and it all goes to pot!


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I'm absolutely dreading tomorrow, I knew I would miss last weeks weigh in so I let things slip a little..(well alot) and at one point I think I must have put on about 6lb!! I have completely let myself down and it's usually this point when I throw in the towel but I have vowed to carry on!

I don't know what was wrong with me, I didn't look at my books once or even visit minimins!!! :( but I'm back now and trying to build up my motivation!! I have a Hen Weekend in November and I really don't want to be the "fat-one" I'm going to have to work extra hard from now on!!!!
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You have just summed up my last 2 weeks! I had the exact same problem, no class for 2 weeks so the little extras start coming back in (BIG extras for me..).

You can do this! I have also always let one blip completely ruin my weigh loss - I've joined SW around 5 times and I will not let history repeat itself again.

Think about your motivation at the beginning, what got you excited about the food? Think about how good you feel when you know you are sticking to the plan.

Follow the plan 100% from today, even if the scales show a gain, you know it can come off. If you stop following the plan you'll soon be back where you started, whereas if you deal with the (possible) gain this week, you'll soon be getting those lbs off and getting even smaller!

Don't dwell on the last week, look forward and you will have those lbs off in no time :D


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Your absolutely right! I really don't want to go back to the way things were! I'm glad I'm not on my own!!! I'm my own worst enemy :)

Thanks for your support x :)
Beth this was me last week exactly!

I weighed in a few weeks beofre after having a long weekend away at families eating burgers and sausages and crisps and dips at a bbq had put 3.5lbs on, then the following week my baby was admitted to hopsital so i missed group, i them let things slip and was dreading going back. I wasn't going to bother going to group again (even though i have paid for a countdown). I emailed my consultant who was lovely and said she wished more group members were honest like me. She said she would help me through it if i DID gain.

Guess what i got on those scales 2.5lbs lighter!!!! :)

Good luck, will be thinking of you xxxxx


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you can undo what you have done,i put on 3 the other weekend when i went away i was gutted cause didnt think id done that bad but the following week i lost that 3 so it will come off again just sort it now before you put everything and more back on
Know how you feel, rotten flu and * last week made me feel like a sponge despite sticking to the plan and I put on 1.5lb (only my second week!). Still, made the decision to get back on the SW bike and keep pedalling and am hoping it will all work out tonight at weigh in!

Let us know how you get on and promise yourself to keep a food diary, think about how much good work you can do before that hen weekend :hug99:

The good thing is you recognised what you have done and coming on here was the first step. Its not great when you put on but as everyone says - Put it behind you and jsut accept it as one of those things that happen. We are all going to go through that at some stages of our journey.

Get thos books back out, buy in some SW friendly foods and start planning your week. You will do fine hun and there is loads of support on here.

Lots of luck xxxx

Roz V

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I echo everyone else's comments - well done to you for a start for admitting it 'publicly' a brave thing to do.

You really CAN do this, we all have a blip from time to time, even target members, I assure you.

DON'T throw it all away, get back on track NOW - like 5pm today - and I also think keeping a food diary again is very worthwhile. It is somehow harder to cheat when you write everything down, at least, it worked for me.

And keep that November date firmly uppermost in your mind. It seems ages away on a day like today, with the sun shining, but it really isn't THAT far ahead. GOOD LUCK!
It is mad isn't it - previously I have gone off the rails, had a slight gain and then decided to chuck it all in. Now, where is the logic in that? lol

I know that whenever I have given up, I feel like a failure, a few months down the line I am bigger than ever and feeling awful.

This time I am remembering that I can (and will) have wibbles along the way, but as long as I get back on it and speak to people about it, I can keep going and get to my goal. This forum has been brilliant - everyone is so supportive and you just know there will be someone that is or has felt the same way you are.

Keep at it and let us know how tomorrow goes! x


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Same thing happened in my FIRST WEEK. I totally lost control and I knew if I didnt do something this time I never would. I rang my consultant and she was brilliant she knew just how to help me through and I am now nearly 2 1/2 stone lighter and down 2 almost 3 dress sizes! DO NOT LET IT BEAT YOU! Call your consultant or come on here, whatever you need to give you that push. But ultimately the motivation has to come from within, when you find that (its different for everyone) hold on to it and use it and everything else will follow. Think about how far you have come, not just in terms of weight loss but as a person. I had 0% confidence and self estime (spelling, lol) but its coming back, the old me is coming back and I'm so happy and are my family and friends. Get back on it, you can do it!
Thanks for all your responses everyone!! really motivated me to keep going, Tuesday's weigh in wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be I was ready for 3 or 4lbs and it was a 1lb!! I was in shock for the whole class...I had some glaring looks off some of the other girls there..I don't think they were impressed after I explained just how bad i'd been!! hahaha Nevermind I'm very much on track now! :) Thanks girls your stars! x

Mrs V

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Lol...see it is always better to face the scales rather than hide, fall off the wagon and then take weeks to pluck up the courage to go again..so well done for that!
We have all been there at one time or another Huni...we wouldnt be human if we didnt give in to tempation once in a while...all you have to do is pick yourself up again and be more determined than ever.
You can get through this...we all can!
Just remember that this week you need to be really, really good!

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