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One of those days


Having a mid-life crisis
This happened to me last time I was on LT - hang on in there, if you're sticking to it 100%, plus drinking the water, it is virtually impossible not to lose weight! I'm sure it will catch up with itself in a day or 2.
im with dunders on this one. also could it be totm? it will make up for itself, and i know if you weih everyday then your the type of person that if one morning it says you a pound down that motivates you for the whole day, dont worry though it will come off


Having a mid-life crisis
Thanks all :)
TOTM was sort of end of last week, this week iyswim so that could be related I suppose?
I haven't cheated (I'm bloo*y determined :D) and I think I've been drinking enough but perhaps I ought to start measuring it?

It's such a mental thing, I *know* it'll work, but feels so demoralising when there's no change :( And i'm not yet at the stage where I look any different either!

Not moaning honest, at least I'm trying not to, lol!
oh yeah been there done that.

When I did CD last time, I weighed myself each morning and that spur me on, however I hit a time I think about 2 months into it where I only lost .5 of a pound over 3 weeks, and hand on my heart I did NOT cheat. Eventually it started to come off again pretty quickly, but as you've only plateaued over a few days, dont be to disheartened x


Having a mid-life crisis
Thanks Kate :)
yeah i know what you mean. well with the water why dont you drink from a certain bottle everyday. at the moment im using the volvic 1.5 litre bottle ,i make sure to drink two of those a day and the about two glasses before bedtime.
when im out and about i use the volvic litre bottle and make sure i get three in a day? hth x
good luck xoxox

Ok, so I know I shouldn't weigh every day :rolleyes: but I've shown no weight loss since last Thursday :(

I'm definitely not going to stop, and I'm certainly not tempted to eat. I'm not hungry at all, which I know is great!

But you know :sigh:
Hey, Just noticed that me and you have about the same BMI, and both lost 8 pounds in our first week!

I lost 2 pounds this week, which isnt amazing, but i have to look at it the positive way that I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and if I can lose 4 pounds next week then I will have achieved my goal of 1 stone off in 3 weeks.

I hope you have a great weight loss this week babe, but whatever happens, just keep doing what you are doing and everything will be cool! :)

Good luck xoxoxoxoxox

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