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One of those introductions with a soap of a life added to it

Hi everyone,
Don't know how many of you are reading out there but like i've said many times, is not about quantity but quality.
Like most i'm not new to dieting, ive done it since i was 14 and i'm almost 24 now. Living with food has being a nightmare ever since, i'm always aware of my weight and like some i have lots of self image issues, some a bit over the top i would have to say.
Thing is, sometimes i feel like a bit of a sap, cos i'm not really overweight, i'm just always up or down a stone, but the thing is is not just about the weight, but the world out there....
I know, most people say "dont care what others think" but i do, a LOT and on top of that i live on a world surrounded by models and sportstars. And even though i have dated sports "stars" myself and they told me they prefer girls like "me" to those "size 0 sticks" most of the time i wish i was one of them, and not the one having to struggle.
At least i show a brave face to the world, but inside my house, secluded in my room, i decided to finally share this with someone, cos it was eating me inside.. i hope someone is out there reading me...
I know what i have to do to lose the stone i need to lose for next month, i know what works for my metabolism and what doesnt.
i bought all the tickets and took all the rides.
i've been on several dieting pills, i've been addicted to the gym, i've fasted(it actually works for me to do the juice diet) i've done weight watchers and i've done the redbull diet.
Sometimes i just dont have the will power to do it, but I NEED TO.
I just hope i'm not alone here....
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You're not alone. You sound very similar to me! I've dieted on and off for the last 10 years (I'm 30 now) and I can understand how you're feeling.

I know what I feel comfortable looking like and I don't look like that now. :( even though everyone says I shouldn't worry and should be happy it's horrible that when I'm over a certain weight I'm not comfortable. I wish I didn't care but can't help it!

I put on a stone since moving in with my boyfriend and my discipline went out of the window. He is an amazing cook and is naturally toned and plays alot of sport. He eats whatever he wants and even complains of losing weight when he doesn't go to the gym and when he eats junk!

I'm currently calorie counting as I found that slimming world didn't work. I actually put on weight as I ended up eating more than I normally did!

Weight watchers worked well but I don't have the time to go to the weekly meeting as my work makes it difficult.

I have found calorie counting has really helped for me. I am currently on a low calorie count using my fitnesspal app on my iPhone

What diet are you doing this time? I'm doing a vlcd.


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