One plan?


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As Jay said, you can do whichever plan on whichever day.

It's about finding out which plan works best for you. In fact, you might actually find you have better losses by mixing up the 3 different plans.

Personally, I always stick to EE as it's all I've ever known and I don't want to confuse myself with Red/Green.


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i only do EE occasionally (if guests or going out) and much prefer red or green days, but the great thing is you have the plan which YOU feel YOU want that day.


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The only thing I would add is that if you normally do red every day, it can be difficult to put in occasional green days due to the sudden increase in carb intake. A lot of people find they get bloating if they suddenly increase their carb intake.


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I always start an EE day but if I've not had meat all day then I'll have an extra heb in the evening and turn it into a green day x


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I'm new back to sw and EE is new to me this time and I'm loving it! Less weighing and less thinking. As the others say, it's what works for you. For years I did low carb/Atkins and did well. Getting my head round root veg, fruit and baked beans etc has been a task but it's turning out to be cheaper and more home life friendly. I love low carb but ate too much red meat and sent my cholesterol a bit too high.
i do mainly red days but i have an EE once a week, and that the day after weigh in. its then that i make the speed soup. red days are beter for me cos i get bloated and bit sick if i eat potato. x