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One stone to go - sounds so easy yet feels so hard!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Whitey27, 9 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hi everyone

    As the title suggests I want to lose a stone - not the largest amount yet feels like I am in a rubbish and pointless cycle of losing and gaining the same few pounds.

    I'm a classic binge dieter - I've done well on diets such as Dukan and low carb but then massively fall off the wagon.

    This my second time on slimming world and I do love the plan - it definitely feels healthy but I do lose slowly and still have the odd binges. Anyway, to keep my focus I am starting this thread as other people have said it helps!

    A bit non-diet stuff about me... I've just turned 30, live in London and like to be out and about. I love my exercise and do a range of different things - its just food that's my downfall. I think it was actually running a marathon which lead to my weight gain. I got used to eating anything and everything and still losing weight due to all the training and now I struggle to not keep munching! Ooh, and one more thing - I am moving in with my boyfriend in two weeks (eek!!). He's not a foodie and purely eats to live if that makes sense!

    Right, food to be added later! My wi day is now Thursdays and I am just about to change group (same c) as the group I went to on Tuesdays was just a drop in weigh and I think I need more support than that....

    Happy Friday everyone! :)
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  3. xSherrie.Chointellex

    xSherrie.Chointellex Silver Member

    Hi Emma :)

    I've just restarted SW for the 4th time lol. I love the plan so much but had a rough couple of years so life has got in the way a bit. I too have a diary which I started last time i joined SW so theres lots to read up on if you want to have a nosey!

    Good luck on getting that last stone off! I find the key to being successful is just as much to do with what we eat as to how we feel. If I feel rubbish then my diet takes a beating. Try to keep feeling positive and upbeat about the fact that you are actually doing something about it, and remember that we all have those little hiccups every now and again, we are only human after all! xxx
  4. MissyMax

    MissyMax Full Member

    I empathise with you - I want to loose my last ten pounds. I'm following the SW Extra Easy plan in a fashion. I lost 2 stone last year and I have struggled to maintain that weight loss and to go further in reaching my target.

    I'm not attending any SW meetings and have decided to take advantage of this forum for support.

    Good luck in loosing your final stone. The fact that your boyfriend is not a foodie should be a bonus. My 2 stone piled on after my boyfriend moved in 4 years ago! he like myself, loves food and wine.

    I'm loving the new summer fashion trends and that's my motivation to lose my final 10 pounds - I just hate my muffin top in jeans : (
  5. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey sherrie, thanks v much for stopping by. That's fab advice about keeping positive - I turn to food way too much if I'm feeling down. I'll definitely pop in your diary - I love reading everyone's stories and picking up tips. Hoping it's 4th time lucky for u xx
  6. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey missy, those extra few pounds can make such a difference can't they?! Know exactly where you're coming from with the muffin top - would love not to have that bulge!

    Big well done on your weight loss so far too. How are u finding ee? I'm kind of doing a mix really but find ee good for weekends xx
  7. xSherrie.Chointellex

    xSherrie.Chointellex Silver Member

    Thankyou, me too!

    I'm the same, always have been an emotional eater. I reward myself with food, I celebrate with food, I comfort myself with food, its ridiculous!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on! x
  8. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Food for today:

    B - 2 egg omlette with tomatoes and onion. 1 syn for ketchup
    L - turkey breast with home made tomato sauce and veg with one veggie sausage (1/2 syn)
    Snacks - 5 scran bran with quark, hi fi bar, apple, 2 satsumas
    D - homemade cottage pie with butternut squash mash and broccoli

    Well my syns were really low as had 29 (!!!!) yesterday and needed to reign it in but then I've been making a cake for my friend and picking at all the bits I had to cut off so feeling a bit annoyed with myself. Cant work out the syns but am going to say 15 (really dont think it can be any higher) and then have a low syn weekend to get things back on track..... annoyed with myself! Hope the cake looks nice after all this faff! Will post some pictures tomorrow

    Have a good friday everyone xxx
  9. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Yup there always seems a reason for a treat :eek:!! I am really hoping SW stops my binge eating as it really was getting out of control. Hope you're having a good friday. Love your different goals xx
  10. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Another not so great day today... Ate too much icing when making my friends cake! Didnt make it to the gym either....

    Did have a sw friendly brunch (veggie sausages and beans) and dinner (carbonara) and resisted wine but did have some of my oh's prawn crackers so definitely over on syns.... Gah, annoyed with myself as really wanted to be 100%!

    Planning a red day tomorrow - hopefully that will be better xxx

    Oh and was disappointed with the carbonara - made it with quark so maybe I need to try Phili xxx

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  11. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Well was determined to get back on track today and so far so good... Food is:

    Red day

    Hea - Phili extra light
    Heb - hi bar and 5 scran bran

    B - raspberries and blueberries with ff yoghurt
    L - 2 egg omelette with onion and bacon (all far removed)
    D - chicken wrapped in bacon with Phili, sweet potato wedges, broccoli - nom nom nom

    Made the scran bran brownies as a snack - were pretty good but The scran bran carrot cake is still my fav.

    Syns for today - 3 for scran bran cakes and 1 tbsp of ketchup

    Yay! Just need to stay strong til bed - will have to go to sleep about 8.30!!!

    Oooh and went for an 8 mile run. Felt fab when I was out like I could keep going forever but now absolutely shattered. Really hoping it might help undo some damage from the last couple of days... Xxx
  12. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Brownie scran bran cakes

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  13. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Soooo managed 100% today.... trying to do low syns and red days til Thursday to try and undo some damage...

    Food for today:

    B - ff yoghurt with defrosted berries and pineapple
    L - turkey breast, three cauldron sausages (1.5 syns) and homemade ragu sauce with lots of veg (peppers, mushrooms, chilli, tomatoes, onions)
    D - chicken stir fry with broccoli, spring onions, garlic, mange tout (hope these are super free but need to double check) with a sqeeze of fresh lime
    Pudding - 2 x alpen light (HEB) with ff yoghurt and 1/2 an options mixed in (1 syns)
    Snacks - banana, apple, 2 x satsumas, 5 scran bran with quark (HEB)

    Hmm, seems like a lot of food when its all written down - what do people think? Never felt like I was eating for the sake of it but then I never feel stuffed on red days.... I should have a HEA too but just seems like such a lot!

    I also went for a run this evening after work which I was pleased with as always seem to struggle to exercise after work

    Any advice would be appreciated! xxx
  14. charlotte1985

    charlotte1985 Full Member

    Looks ok to me, I've never heard of those sausages...what are they??

    I know what you mean about red days, but I think I prefer green days because I love carbs!

    I really must try an options in my yogurt, everyone seems to do it but I just think it wouldnt mix well and just taste like grainy yogurt haha xx
  15. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey Charlotte, thanks for having a look. Just seems like a lot of food when it's all written down! Absolutely love cauldron sausages - u can get them in the chilled cabinet.

    Well have had a total nightmare today! My back has gone and never been in so much pain. Had to leave work and go to the physio and now I'm all propped up on cushions and can't really move! Really annoyed as was wanting to push with the exercise and that's definitely not going to happen?

    Soooo food for today (not too bad considering how sorry for myself I'm feeling!!)

    B - ff yoghurt, berries and pineapple
    L - turkey, sausages and ragu (1.5)
    D - huge bowl of super speed soup
    S - 5 scan bran and quark (heb), banana, graze box (5 syns), mullerlight, 30 g cheese (hea)

    So 6.5 syns but still seems a lot to me when it's all written down.... I tend to pick in the mornings so will try not to do that tomorrow! Xxx
  16. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Ouch ouch ouch! Back is killing me at the moment. Feel proper fed up ;(
  17. charlotte1985

    charlotte1985 Full Member

    I think your food diary looks good, I wouldnt be too worried if I was you!

    Bummer about your back! I hope you're back on your feet soon!

    I tend to pick more in the evenings. Normally round about this time 8 - 8.30, I start looking for things to eat. I used to save my heb, but I'm trying to just have fruit or yogurt after dinner because I suppose its no good going to bed with food in my stomach!
  18. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Food for today...

    B - ff yoghurt and defrosted berries
    L few mouthfuls of chicken salad and toffee ml
    D omelette with cheese (hea) tomato and onion
    S hi fi bar (heb) 2 alpen light( heb) 3 celebrations (6), biscuit (no nutrition so guessing 5, half am options, banana

    12 syns in total.

    Lunch was a bit of a disaster as had a meeting all afternoon so didn't eat til 4!!

    Determined to have a good week this week and get tru the weekend without a binge! X
  19. MissyMax

    MissyMax Full Member

    For the most part, EE is great. I could so very easy go over the healthy B's on fibre and go under the healthy A's on dairy/calcium. I am a snack queen and I'm fighting hard to enjoy fruit as snack, when I really want packets of crisps and chocolate. If I do it long enough it will become habit - I hope :sigh:
  20. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Been naughty and havent updated my diary for a while but I have managed to stay on track and not had a binge although I was over my syns on Friday (planned though)... heres the food for the last few days:

    Fri - EE
    B - ff yoghurt and defrosted berries
    S - high fi bar (HEB) and apple
    L - Turkey breast and home made ragu sauce (standard!!!)
    D - Chinese - beef in black bean (5 syns) and plain rice. 3 glasses of wine (22 syns)

    Ok so over on syns but I had planned that and have til thurs to make it up. Total syns 27

    Saturday - red
    B - FF yoghurt and berries
    L - scran bran brownie cakes with FF yoghurt (5.5) (1 HEB)
    S - banana, hi fi bar, banoffee activia snackpot (1 syn), toffee mullerlight
    D - homemade cottage pie with butternut squash mash and mangetout
    HEA - 3Og cheese

    Total syns - 6.5
    Very happy with that as weekends are difficult for me but in terms of improvements I need more superfree

    B - sw pancakes (1 heb) with berries and ff yoghurt
    s - high fi bar (1 heb), banana, tiny piece of bread - 3 syns
    l - pan fried salmon and veg (I am giving this 10 syns which is plenty but there was a lot of oil)
    D - more cottage pie and veg

    Syns are quite high considering no wine (thats what I seem to usually use my syns on) but I had a random lunch out and the salmon seemed like the best thing on the menu. The only thing was it was covered in oil - so much so I didn't enjoy it particularly.

    Anyway, 13 syns in total so not too bad!

    Feeling bad that I haven't been able to do any exercise but although my back feels a lot better I'm scared its going to go again. I am seeing my physio tomorrow night and hopefully he'll give me the all clear! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    I hope all you mums had a fab day today :) :)
  21. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Woo hoo - just worked out that I've had 14.6 syns on average for the last 4 days so if I stay on track for the next three days I will have had a good week. This is a big achievement for me!! Its good how you can balance your syns out over a week - if I wasn't tracking it I would have thought I'd have blown it on Friday and thought sod it for the whole week so it just shows you that in theory, all is not lost! I might get a loss........ FINGERS CROSSED!!! I really, really need a boost at the moment :( xxx

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