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One week in - good loss but a big wake up call!

Im slowly feeling better after this bug Ive had, still not quite right but enough to get my WW diet started.

I have the scales ordered and my Tesco.com order comes tomorrow.

Ive even started my diary on the WW Forum.

This WILL be the last diet I start, itll be the last one I need, itll be the one which works.
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Queen of the Damned
That's the spirit Sandy - positive and forward thinking!! We're with ya! :cool: :D


Queen of the Damned
The first day of the rest of your life, so loads of days to go!!! Just think of all that fresh fruit and veg you can eat- yummy!!! :D
First day went very well, I was actually struggling to use up all my points, but that may be because Im still not well. I have a fridge and cupboard full of low fat goodies, so plenty to choose from. I deliberately timed my 'shop' to start with my restart, at least if theres loads in it makes it easier to stick to.

I have to say the support from this Forum is doing more than any WW class ever did for me :)


escaping the fat
I have to say the support from this Forum is doing more than any WW class ever did for me :)[/quote]

I felt the same about going to class, better support here any day. Thanks all:D


Queen of the Damned
How you doing Sandy? Looking forward to the weekend? :)
Hi there

Still sticking to WW although I was sorely tempted at the weekend by my dads cheese on toast, he makes the best cheese on toast ever. Actually isnt it odd how something so simple can taste different depending on who makes it, or is that just all in the mind?

The only problem Ive had this week is Im still not over this virus so havent been eating as many points as I should, which could ofcourse affect my losses. Still its got me into the swing of counting points and measuring things so as soon as Im back on my feet Ill no doubt be complaining that Ive not got enough points lol

Will keep you posted :)


escaping the fat
Its not easy when you dont feel well, and cheese on toast is such a comfort food. You did so well to resist. Good luck with ww i know lots who swear by it, im sure you'll do great.
Ive just cut and pasted this from my WW diary cos firstly Im delighted with my loss this week and the 2nd part has affected me so much tonight.....

Well a successful first week. 6lbs off :) Im absolutely delighted...

I was at my parents tonight for a belated birthday dinner for dad, this is what I like about WW. We had Chinese, while it wasnt my first choice I opted for chicken fried rice because I know the points in that, and even had a glass of wine. Its nice to be able to still participate in these things and not feel your sacrificing either the meal or your diet.

As Ive mentioned before my brother has 2 daughters, Emma (almost 4, going on 22) and Ciara (3 months). One of the main reasons for going at the diet 110% is I KNOW Im affecting my health and slowly killing myself. The real shock I got tonight was my brother pretty much said as much to my mum tonight too, said he was concerned for my health and wanted me to be an active part of his girls lives as they grow up, not just someone they remember. He was actually ready to have a talk with me, and give me some much needed home truths but is delighted Ive taken the steps myself. My brother is a man of few words at times which has meant his words have impacted on me even more.

Its made me even more determined than I was to stick at this. Im not doing it now just for myself...


Queen of the Damned
Well done on your loss babes, that is brilliant!! :D And lovely to know your family care enough to say something to you! ;)


Queen of the Damned
Take away pizza? After the success you are having?!!! NO WAY!!!

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