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Only 9 weeks left before hubbi gets home on leave!!!!


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Im so excited and counting the days. Hubbi in Afghan and went 2nd April, I have lost 22lbs since he left. If I stick to ss how much do you reckon I will lose? Apart from the 1st week I have been a bit disapointed by my losses compared to others on here.

I hope he will be able to see a difference when he gets back. He is only back for 2 weeks and then back out there until October.

He has told me that the 2 weeks will be a lot of going out on days with the kids and maybe a couple of nights away just the 2 of us, and has said he expects me to come off the diet for then..... Im scared though, I know Its a long way away but since he left its flown by.

Do you think he should let me stick to CD or am I being selfish by not eating, drinking and letting my hair down with him?
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S: 18st10lb C: 17st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st6lb(7.63%)
Yes he does now. I was going to keep it a secret but get so excited after weigh in and being measured that I e-mail him my results..


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Perhaps when he sees the results and how happy you are he won't mind anymore?

I'm sure if you tell him how important it is to you, he won't care. It won't effect his ability to have a good time either - it doesn't revolve around food! I'm sure you'll have a lovely time, you're doing so well and I'm sure losses will pick up in the next few weeks :) xxx
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Hey Billie
dont be down about how much you have lost - you have lost nearly a stone and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would take you at least 6-12 weeks to lose that if you were on WW/SW.

Looking at your stats its normal to have a much lower loss on wk 2 as you lost 13 in wk1
then on wk 3 it was a 5 day weigh in so 2.5 is good and then the next was TOM so 2.5 is really good too.

Once the first month is over on average if you stick to it then a 3 -4lb loss per week is average and normal.

if you have 9 weeks till he is back then potentially you can lose 28 - 35lbs.
as for days out with him you could go up to the higher plans of 810 or 1000 while he is here and then back to SS when he goes back or you could just eat high protein but dont SS and drink alcohol - there is a sticky about it somewhere on the forum - its very dangerous!

OR you could explain how important this is to you and for the 2wks he is home stay SSing and explain its only 2 weeks out of the rest of your lives together and you can celebrate next time he is home.

It must be really difficult for you hm being away and I appreciate that time together is very precious and I really feel for you.

Only you know whats best for you good luck!!!!!!


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Hey Billie.
Well done hon your doing fab..
Wow I bet you are so excited for your DH to see you looking fab and slim......... they say an average of a stone a month so by then you could lose at least another 2 stone.. How exciting..
I am sure you can have a great time when you see him without pigging out as such.. If he really wants you to eat just go for a healthy option.. Your going to feel great by the time he goes back ..
Well done you x


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I'd say go and enjoy yourself but in moderation. You dont have to go and eat pizza and mcdonalds to enjoy yourself do you? You could have CD in the morning and then stick to low cal carb free lunch or tea or have shake for lunch if you can? I'm sure you wont be going out for every meal so I'm sure you can work around it. I bet you'll be so excited to have him home and show off all the weight you've lost you wont care! :D

I bet he'll be so impressed with you when he gets back!! Dont be too disappointed with your losses, they all add up in the end!! xx


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well done for your losses hun!
He will notice such a difference!
Just wanted to reiterate what a pp said...just make healthy choices and maybe have the shake for breakfast and then "do" lunch etc together.....food doesnt have to mean lardy food! This diet will work for you!
Look at the post re drinking though....its really dangerous on SS


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S: 18st10lb C: 17st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st6lb(7.63%)
Hi everybody, sorry but been a busy weekend taking the kids on day trips.. Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom I am going to take them all on board.

Im happy to report a 3 lb loss this week and all geared up to stick 100%. Just counting down the days now (or sleeps) as I tell the children.... I am determined that I can lose at least another 1 and half stone before he comes back.

Once again thank you... Minimins has helped so much towards the weightloss.


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Well done on another great loss. I wouldn't worry too much about coming off the diet for a short amount of time, you can always stick to low carb options. Treat yourself to some new sexy underwear and hubby probably won't even want to leave the house when he sees you all dressed up and super slim! That way you get the great underwear, a fun weekend and some good exercise too ;)


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Hiya, another forces wife here. My hubby was in Iraq last year when I decided to do something about my weight. Initially I didnt tell him I was dieting, then I told him but refused to say how well I was doing. When he came home for R&R I had lost 48lbs, going from a size 22/24 to a 16/18. Me and my son went to pick him up from the airport and he was so gobsmacked! Someone had been on R&R before his and told hubby that I was looking good but he still had no idea, it was fab!
Keep at the diet for now, and when he's home, decide then what you want to do.....worrying about weeks away and stuff may make you lose focus on the here and now. I decided to have 2 shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) and a small evening meal during my hubby's R&R so that we could enjoy some time out.

Great losses, well done!

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