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Only just started and feeling a bit demotivated


I started SS last Weds (1st) and weighed myself this morning - I've lost 5lb

My official WI isn't till Weds lunchtime but I still feel a bit fed up as I have seen other peeps on here losing 10-12lb in their first week.

I haven't cheated at all.

Any wisdom guys?
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Hey Roberta.....
Just wanted to say Welcome and Good luck on your cd journey..
Firstly if you wi is on Wednesday you still have 3 days to go.. and the scales move all the time!
Try not to compare yourself to others to much as we all have different amounts to lose.. Sometimes if people have more to lose they lose more the first week.
IF you stick with it, it will come off whether it be a big amount on the first week or a good loss the first week and a good loss the second week it will come off it all equals out!
So chin up and dont worry as I am sure you will have a great loss on wednesday.. Make sure your drinking 2.5 litres of water too.

Reject Doll

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Not everyone loses that much. Some of us are slower and my CDC says an average of 3lbs per week is still good. I'm active though and tend to lose inches more than weight at the moment. Get measuring yourself. You may be surprised!


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Hello Roberta and welcome :)

I lost 8lb in my 1st week, I too, looked at other ppl's losses and felt like you.. but, right now, 5lb is almost half a stone, how would you have been if you hadn't gone onto CD? I loose slower then other ppl but I lost 18 inches over all by week 5, but only 18lb. When I say "only"again thats comparing, but hey.. I'm slimmer, fitter and so much happier then I was. Use that as your motivation and you'll still loose a few more lb's by WI day anyway. xxx

Ria C

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I think it does depend on how much you have to lose...I had 1.5 stones to lose and lost 4lbs in my first week...which is loads less than a lot of people..

Having said that...Ive lost more weight more quicker on CD than any other diet.

I think (I may not be right) a lot of the first loss is water and things will even out soon enough..

BTW, 5lb is FAB and you still have a few days left before your official WI.

Good luck!


WILL be Slim!
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welcome along to the journey hun! Its a fabulous one!

STOP SCALE HOPPING!!! It never does anyone any good. your body fluctuates hourly with weight so just focus on the weigh in with your CDC! All losses are different so dont look too much at everyone elses, if your doing it 100% then the scales wont lie hun!



Slimming down the aisle
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Also, you've still got a couple of days yet! I had practically no loss all week, and it's come off in the last day or so and my WI is tonight. So I really wouldn't worry hun, either way, you've done great! Just think, if you weren't doing this diet, would you have lost as much? Even on any other diet? You've done great, just stick with it! xx


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Welcome!! Please don't feel demotivated. Every single one of us on this Forum is different and will lose varying amounts every week. We'd all have loved to have lost a stone in the first week - but that rarely happens.

Don't worry about what other people are losing. We are all in the same boat - wanting to lose weight. We are here to support so please don't feel down.

I'm not a huge loser - in the last 3 wi's i have lost 3lbs each time. And you know what? I'm more than OK with that. It's more than I would have lost in WW, SW, RC... or any of the other diets i have been on.

Stay positive. You seem to be doing fine!!


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