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only lost a lb :(

Week 3 WI and lost 1 measley pound:cry: , I am hoping next week will be better as it's the totm now, plus i ate a tim of dry tuna earlier in the week as i was seriously craving, least it was protein and not a big fat choccie bar:(. oh well new week new start:break_diet:
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I know how u feel, I only lost 1lb last week. It really got me down but I said to myself I'll give it another week and see what happens.
Weighing in tomorrow, a day late, so fingers crossed, I'm 2lb away from a 2st loss so hope I make it!
Keep going :) x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Don't despair. I had weeks like that but it balances out over the weeks. Stay 100% and drink plenty of water and you will be fine. Good luck for next weigh in.


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U'll have a good loss this week hun! Stick with it! ToTM is a killer :-( x

Jessie 888

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Don't lose heart, babe. You've done so well over the last two weeks. Flippin TOTM! At least it shows you're young and fertile. I'm grasping at straws there but it's the thought that counts! :D

Thornhill Cate

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Hi Claire, so you've also fallen victim to the week 3 weigh in. LOL. I only lost 2lbs in my third week despite being 100% and was so pissed off I ended up eating some ham that night and then found myself nibbling on slices of meat all week - not much but just a few mouthfuls every now and again and I think I did that five days out of the seven. But weigh in yesterday and I lost 4lbs so have been 100% yesterday and today. Chin up babe, you'll have a good loss next week and keep going because your pretty face deserves a fab, fit body to go with it!
Awww ty Thorn, lovely thing to say:) Thx guys its hard sometimes isnt it, so much better getting words of encouragement on here. xx
I understand your disappointment Claire, but its still a loss! The key thing now is to not let it make you think " to hell with it" and go off track, I know thats what I'm like! Keep with it! x
i lost 1/2 a lb last week, i was pissed coz i did nothing differently hopefully get a decent loss this and then its refeed for me
Aww don't let it get you down, it would have taken longer to loose on any other diet. It's also TOTM for me this week, so hoping that i will have lost something The horrible bloating feeling i'm getting isn't very promising, but weigh in on Saturday so i will see how i go. Keep up the fantastic work though, you have had such good losses so far x


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17lbs in 3 weeks, nothing to be dissapoined about :)

This is what 17lbs looks like (sorry in advance if this post is super long!)

Hahaha Summer i loved your super long post! I weight 17lb worth of tims and it is a large carrier bag full and heavy, always good to have a visual! x