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oops help !!!

Hey did you c advise you on how many syns to aim for? 5 syns are minimal and at the start it can be better to have more (so you have an option to reduce if weight loss slows down)

I aim for 12 a day on c's advice. Ends up between 8-15.

No she didnt she just said you have 15 but most people use 10. Yesterday I had 4 and today I Havnt had any. This isn't right is it lol? A lady at the group said I will more than likely be religious with it lol .. being my first week :D xx
Hehe! It's tricky to get into the mind set of it! There's loads of threads on here about using your syns and weight loss. The idea of them is that by having those little treats or using them to improve food (oil, gravy, sauce etc) the diet is more sustainable! If you just wanted to have a few more try adding Mayo/ salad cream to salads. Or having flora, jams etc on your hex b toast? Or if you'd like me get a bag of low syn Chocs. Fave of mine is 2 finger kitkats - 5.5 syns. For me knowing something like this is available to me at the end of a long day makes sticking to the plan the rest of the day easier!

Best advice is have a long mooch around this site as so much of this has been discussed/said before by newbies (me included)

Good luck with your weight loss!! Xx

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