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Oops! Went shopping!

OMG ladies. I haven't been shopping since a started the diet so today I headed into Liverpool One (new shopping centre, v nice) with a friend. Had convinced myself that I was only buying makeup and maybe jewellery (they always fit, right?!). Anyway. I bought a top. Not just any top. A Star by Julien McDonald bright red, frilly halterneck. In a size 14!! And I can get it on!! It's still a little bit tighter than I would like but OMG!
I intend to wear it for my first big night out at the end of July! (I reckon I might have another stone off by then!

Isn't losing weight AMAZING???

Ellie :D
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I know! The changing rooms will be full of CDers fighting over the clothes! Lol! x

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Hhahahahahahaha yeah probably :)

It is one of the best things tho. Today I just tried things on with no intension of buying....just to see....it's great. I'm getting fussy tho over what I buy now. I was so used to finding clothes to hide my bumps and only getting things that fitted....now it's all fitting I have to ask myself do i really love it?????? Oh it's brilliant xxx
I know!!! The range of clothes is just expanding! I may need to remortgage my house when I get to goal! Lol!
Got really overexcited this week and ordered a new car! xx
You can't wear a car lolol! But I know what you mean, I going to update mine when I get to target, a sexy car for a (hopefully) sexy me xxxx
Ha ha! Car is to go with new skinny image xx
Who knows where it will lead?? Might end up on Jeremy Kyle 'I am skinny and broke' x
Be honest LisaLulu, you come up with those titles for them don't you???
It is a secret guilty pleasure and yes, I do feel better about my life when I watch it! Where do they get the people from? And does anyone know someone who has been on it? I am not sure those people are real! x


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Woopee thats fab, all this talk of shopping is making me want to go out and spend spend spend!
You will be all slim and gorgeous for your big night out next month:D
Oh, I hope so - I would like to lose another 12lbs before then! x


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There was a feature in our local newspaper of a family from our town who went on Jeremy Kyle a few weeks ago. She was defending herself after she got a tonne of abuse. She was sleeping with 2 men, got pregnant and wanted a DNA test but it turned out neither of the guys were the babies father. How depressing is that?
To quote a client my friend once spoke to on the CSA helpline; 'listen love, when you eat a tin of beans, you can't say which one has made you f*rt' ......

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