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Seem to be on a stall, but went shopping anyway...

I've been the same weight for 2 weeks now after 3 weeks of lots of losses. I'm not too upset about it - I figure I'm just catching up to myself, and had some "women stuff" interfering with things. Other than a little indiscretion last week (pizza :rolleyes:) I've been staying on the path.

As I have literally no clothes, I went shopping yesterday even though I'm not at my goal weight yet. I can't go around in old jeans that fall down and my husband's cast off t-shirts! I've been looking like some sort of bag tied in the middle, so off to the shops I went.

In January, I bought some tops that were size 20 and 22, although I was mostly in 18's (and 20 on the bottom). I tried some clothes on yesterday at Debenhams, and nothing seemed to look right - too long, didn't hang right, I just looked lumpy. Then my sister in law brought me some more pieces and they looked fantastic! No bumps, no lumps, fabric sat where it was supposed to. Then she told me to look at the sizes.

One. Four.

I damned near fainted in the changing room. I'd beeen trying on 16's, but they were too big! I absolutely couldn't believe it. And it wasn't just one thing - it was about 8 different tops, and 2 pairs of trousers! A few things (like a cardigan) needed a size up, but that's fine!

I'm so happy I can't stand it! I've stayed on top of my food problems for a while now and feel in control, and even though the scale isn't moving, something is changing (I'm never organised enough to take measurements, so I have to go by the tags on the clothes).

So now I have some lovely new clothes (although I still can't find trousers that fit me in this country!) and can't wait to get dressed up!
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Woohoo Seraphine - what a great moment that must have been!

I can only dream of fitting into a 14 - but for you it's a reality :)

Susie, I know you can you it! Let's you and I stick together... we'll go shopping together one day!

You've had some great losses already, and are still going. You'll get there soon :)


Clean green leafy machine
You're on for the shopping :)
Don't you just love that feeling of going down sizes? It usually happens one at a time mind! :p

Well done you Seraphine, and I hope you feel fabulous in your new gear! :)
aww how fantastic do YOU feel!!!! well frickin done!!
must be a great feeling cant wait till i am near to where i want to be and can buy a wardrobe of nice clothes bit fed up of tescos and asda atm as losing wieght
Up to this point, most of my clothes were Asda/Tescos (who are notorious for "upping" their sizes... a 14 at M&S often = 18 at Asda), or were my leftover maternity clothes. Tough to explain that one when the babies in question are 5 and 1!

It's funny though - I almost can't bear to wear the new clothes yet - they are still in the bag on my bed. I've been doing messy house stuff the past 2 days, but still... it's weird to accept that something actually worked this well for weight loss. I've been having strange thoughts because when I was at my biggest, I didn't really see it. I didn't think I was that big... I just shrugged off the bigger sizes and the pictures, and just said it was a bad angle or that I just must be a little puffy that day. Turns out, it was every day.

So now that I'm smaller, I don't really feel much difference unless it comes to wearing different clothes, or seeing clothes that fit once being huge on my now. It's the clothes that make it concrete, even more so than the number on the scale. I still feel like me though... it was still me all along, wasn't it?

Thanks again for the support :)
That's an interesting perspective, because I was all too aware of how fat I was getting, and I definitely feel and see the difference in my size Seraphine. I have bought a couple of beautiful outfits which fit perfectly (as well as the dress which doesn't!) and am dying to get some wear out of them in case I go down another size (as planned!) soon. :)

Anyway, you have done absolutely brilliantly - get those size 14s on and revel in them, they'll be falling off you in no time! :D

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