Open pores?

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  1. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    If it's not my weight getting me down it's my skin. I have really large pores which I've tried all sorts to shrink. I know I can't get rid of them but any tips on minimising them?
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  3. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    A few options- lush do a white grape and garlic face mask called cosmetic warrior and body shop have a warming mineral mask and a tea tree pore minimiser xx
  4. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Thank you.... my 2 favourite shops :) will have a look :)
  5. lumpyroo

    lumpyroo Member

    Two best ways to close pores 1. Get a home chemical peel kit do a google search the best one is called ren :) 2 use a good toner daily! And even better cold water is a natrual toner! So cheap lol it takes a little while but over a short time u will be a big diffrence good luck xx
  6. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Hey thank you :)

    And welcome to the forums x
  7. lumpyroo

    lumpyroo Member

    Hi and thank you. :) there's a site called skin care in a box it sells demalogica skin care products and when u buy them u get free samples I think the reserfacing face cleanser would be good for you you can get the trail size for under a tenner and still get some free samples I love dermalogica skin care I just don't love the price ahaha xx
  8. tekniicolor

    tekniicolor Full Member

    I find witch hazel helps and giving your face a splash with cold water after washing.
  9. Bellelardie

    Bellelardie Member

    You can make your own pore mask. You just need a large egg, an old but clean foundation brush, and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

    Separate the egg and disgard the yolk. You only need the white. Beat in the lemon juice and apply to a clean face using the brush. Leave for 20 mins. It is normal to feel a little tight. Rinse thoughly with cold water and tone and moisturiser as normal. You can use this once a week.
  10. Sweet honey

    Sweet honey Member

    I can understand your feeling. I have mine on my cheeks and nose. I been to salon once. The lady did a very good job in clearing the clogged pores but not the facial peels she used .I got tiny rashes appearing on my face the next day.Probably because of my sensitive skin ,it sure got me really worried then. Anyway, my darling glfriend suggested I should try using Naturalis pore reducer treatment cream ,she find it effective for her. I've Been applying the cream for close to 3 weeks now,really glad to noticed my facial pores is visibly reduced, skin looked so much better .BTW ...Stay clear of toners with alcohol, it do your skin more harm especially oily skin Types.
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  11. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    I used benefits skincare stuff. It's the best ever!! You can buy samples / or get them for free if you ask nicely at the counter. And try them! I also use their POREfessional to get rid of the open pore look. Xx

    Currently 16st 8.2lbs
  12. Sweet honey

    Sweet honey Member

    I try to mask my face twice a week to remove the excess oil and dirt from the pores ...that definitely help my skin. Look for facial mask that isn't to drying for the skin.
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  13. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    ooh! I feel your pain!

    I found something in the Body Shop, it's a small green tubey thing - and after a couple of days using it, my skin is much less pore-ey, and it is a great base for foundation too.

    Not sure if I can put links, but it's here - Tea Tree Pore Minimiser | Shop By Range | The Body Shop and its called Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. Best thing I ever bought!
  14. Maily23

    Maily23 New Member

    I have big problems with the skin
    left after acne scars on the skin ..... what can advise. How to get rid of them?
  15. mum-tum

    mum-tum Full Member

    I have tried numerous amounts of different products and have finally found something that works !!! I use body shop seaweed pore perfector followed by the vitamin e serum

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