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Operation Brighton Marathon 2012

352 days and counting...

As some of you may be aware I have been struggling recently on my journey to loose weight and get fit and healthy. I seem to last two weeks! So after a bit or soul searching, and discussions with friends I have decided to give myself a totally mad (yet achievable) challenge. And certainly not an easy one at that!

This will give myself focus, a target to drive myself towards over the next 352 days. I also hope that by keeping this diary I can track my thoughts and feelings, whether I have stuck to plan and how my exercise has been going.

I currently do mainly EE days, with the odd Green or Red thrown into the mix when I fancy. Excerise is swimming once a week, and gym about 3 times at the moment. And I am trying the C25K on the gyms treadmills at the moment.

At the moment I don't think it has quite sunk in how daunting this will be. But I think in the coming months it will do!

Well I must wander as the gym is beckoning!
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Well back from a very successful gym session. Managed to complete 6 intervals on the c25k week 1 day 1. Given that a week ago I only just managed 3 intervals. I can feel myself getting stronger with each time that I go.

I've knocked 30 seconds of my 2km row, x-trainer duration is at a now comfortable 12 mins and have increased the effort level. I have also been able to increase the weighs I lift. It's amazing how good you feel when you have finished a session and feel that you have accomplished something.
351 days and counting...

Another sess at the gym today. Mixed it up a bit, and my right shoulder is a tad sore this evening. Will have to watch it tomorrow, maybe lay off the weights.

Eating wise I have been good, still got my HEXB to go and about 10 syns. Which is fantastic as I'm off to do a 5 hour shift in a night club and as I do cashier there I struggle with boredom hunger! So fruit, bag of snack a jacks, a hifi bar and a muller corner greek style black cherry yoghurt will see me through (hopefully).

I was always kinda iffy about a diary, wondered if it would work for me. But I think it will. It's nice to record what I have done today. But I suppose only time will tell. Thinking about entering into the local 5k race in August. Give myself a mini target to aim for, especially I think as I am attempting C25K in the gym at the moment.

Finally today. Did anyone see Dr Who?! OMG!!!!

Mr Gilbo

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350 days and counting...

No gym today as I wanted to give my shoulder and lower back a day off. But off out to work later and I will be walking in and back tonight. So atleast I can chalk up some exercise!

Made chicken korma for dinner tonight. It was lovely. I probably prefer the butter chicken recipe, but the korma was easier to throw together. Also have made a chocolate orange cheesecake which was posted on this forum the other day, hopefully that will be yummy too!

All in all a very good day for me, stuck to the plan and I feel good about life. My friend Tori who is a skinny little rake has said she we do a 5K in August with me. So on 7th August I will be dragging my butt around Gloucester Park in Basildon. Tori has threaten to bring a whip with her that day to "encourage" me into doing a decent time! I'm just grateful that she is taking the time out to help me!

It's nice to have friends who do that. My brother Ian will play squash or badminton whenever he is free. And I have a swimming buddy, Lisa, who is a god send. Going swimming tomorrow with her. With the number of failed diets I have had over the years I'm really surprised that so many still support me!

Mr Gilbo

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345 days and counting...

Seems I can't count!! But I think I now it correct, although there is still a bunch of days to go!

Only exercise I have done recently is swimming, as I have tried to give my shoulder and lower back a rest. Back to the gym on Saturday.

Happy with weigh loss this week of 3lbs. I always find a good number spurs me on. Certainly doesn't want me to have a treat off syns tonight. That is one thing I have understood when people would want to do it as surely it will affect next weeks numbers.


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What a fantastic challenge to aspire to!!!!! It sounds like you have got lots of support too!!! Are you going to be running for a charity or haven't you thought that far ahead yet?

Mr Gilbo

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What a fantastic challenge to aspire to!!!!! It sounds like you have got lots of support too!!! Are you going to be running for a charity or haven't you thought that far ahead yet?
I don't have a charity in mind, but I will when the time comes. I personally don't have any connections to a local charity. So nearer the time I was going to offer to raise funds for a charity that meant something to one of my friends or family.

Tho I will be taking part in a 5K in August for Fairhavens hospice. They organise the event, so fund raising goes to them too. So that is a possibly too for the Marathon.

For me however, the challenge is the run itself, and that is what I want to focus on. But, if I can raise funds for a charity then that is a bonus!

Mr Gilbo

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344 days and counting....

Off to the gym shortly for my first work out down there for a week. Looking forward to it.

My friend and I are thinking about doing a 13 mile walk for charity on 2nd July. It might quite possibly kill us. My first event was going to be a 5k in August, but I'm starting to come around to this one in 8 weeks time. Another huge challenge on my steps to a slimmer, fitter and healthier me.

Motivation is a key player in whether you succeed of fail at diets. But I think you have to accept that you are only human and you need to stop looking at it in the sense of success and failure on such as short term. Coming to the realisation that one meal or afternoon that you ate off plan does not mean you are a failure, but what you do after that that does. If you can accept that you haven't failed and move on quickly and embrace what you are supposed to be doing then you can continue with how you want. If however, you let it spiral out of hand, one meal turns into two and then in a day, into 2 days etc and then a week, two weeks. Then yes I think you have failed. Alot of us here are here because we failed at diets, but our actions now are changing that. :)

Why choose failure when success is an option?!

Mr Gilbo

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342 days...

Swam 1km this evening. :) I like my weekly swims, nice to do something different to the gym and I get to catch up with my friend in the steam room afterwards.

Everything seems to be going very well at the moment. Happy days. Very pleased with this as I have been spending the last couple of days in london which has been difficult. Mainly as I don't know the area of the Kings Cross too well, so finding a sandwich to get my lunch has been hard. And unfortunately I am already carrying too much stuff up there to take lunch and breakfast up there too. But I've done 3 days in london, with 2 to go and all is well! :)
I feel your London pain!! LOL Im down there for 2 days next week, and I know it's going to be a diet breaker!! Well done for having 3 good days! Is there not a Pret a Manger near where you are? (Not sure that would be within your syns though!! Lol) Or maybe a noodle bar/Wagamamas or something like that?

My food will be trying to pick the best from a bad lot to be honest as everything will be from a set choice for 2 whole days....
For me the hardest thing is having the same thing day after day. I like to change it and mix it up. But I have been sticking to it and only one more day to survive. Dad said to me why don't you make yourself a salad to take up there. But I wouldn't be changing what I would be having, and lugging the extra weight and another bag is just too much.

I may have a subway sandwich tomorrow as I found one of their stores near where I am.
OOH how exciting, I went from no exercise to run/walking my first marathon within 6 months 10 years ago and love love loved it (ok i hated a lot of it too ) But it got me hooked on running. Look forward to watching your progress. I am in the lottery for next year's london but have been on the injured bench all of this year so far :-(

Keep up the good work

Well hello again. Been awhile since I posted on here. I have lost count of how many days till the big day, but as it's about 11 months I don't think I have to panic just yet!!

I've been gyming and swimming in the last week. Completed W1 of the C25K and will be moving onto W2 when I'm next down the gym. Swimming has also greatly improved, now I'm swimming 1k whenever I go.

Weight is also dropping off at a rate of 2.5lbs, which this time round I am not letting it bother me. On times gone past I would fixate on the fact that I thought it was too low, and that on previously SW attempts I used to average 4 or 5lbs each week. But this time I am happy to just see it come off. However, I am going to make a couple of changes to the plan this week. My consultant for some reason always says 20 syns for the men!! But this week I will be dropping it to 15 syns, and I will be mainly doing green and red days. Just to see if I lose better on those days than on the extra easy ones. We shall see!
The last two days have been a struggle for me, mentally I suppose. I went over on my syns to about low 30s! Ate an entire packet of hifi bars one night and then alpen light bars the next night! ARGH!!!!!! I knew it was bad but for some reason I couldn't just stop myself!

So today is a new day as they say. Breakfast has been fine, with 4 syns used for a yummy greek style muller corner yoghurt. I must be stricter with myself and not needlessly fall of the wagon so much.

Went swimming at 7:30 this morning. The pool was full of OAPs floating away in the slow lanes. But it was nice and relaxing and I got a good workout done. 40 lengths, which is 1k :D

Signed up to walk the Southend Moonlight Colourthon with a friend last night. Set up my online sponsorship page and published it on facebook. So no going back now. 13.1 miles!!!!! We are gonna die! Only 6 weekends to go before that challenge. Not fussed about how long it takes me, just that I make it round! We are going for a walk along the seafront, I have measured out a 5 mile route. So we are hoping that we aren't death by the end of it! lol
As I stated above I blew my syn allowance out of the water on Wednesday and Thursday, and I did the same last night. I was fine until the evening and then I ate a chunky kitkat, 2 caramel slices, and 2 lemon slices. I had a great day, was gonna finish strong on 12 syns, every meal was ok an on plan, tho maybe a touch more superfree should have been had with breakfast and lunch. But I was happy. And then disaster struck! I had forgotten all about the line I had drawn on Friday morning.

Now I have 5 days till weigh in and so it probably isn't the end of the world as long as I can draw and line now and stick to it. But I don't feel confident about sticking to it! :S ARGH!
I failed. Big time!!!

I crumbled and caved, and then thought about getting back on the wagon a month ago and re-joined weighing the most I ever have. Gaining half a stone on top of what I started back when I started this thread. I had two good weeks and then caved and crumbled again. I just can't seem to stop failing! It's horrible.

This weight is taking it's toil on me, everything aches. Yet I feel hopeless and can't seem to get out of this hole I am in. :(

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