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Operation done & can I stay..!! LOL!


Sensibly losing :)
Hi all, had my op yesterday so gallbladder has gone! Wondering what the hell I have done, never known pain like it and dosed up to the eyeballs.. cant sleep so trying to distract myself online for a while..!

Anyway, I finished re-feed before I went in hossie and pleased to say that I actually LOST WEIGHT!!! :) I was so worried about gaining but I was careful at first and then ended up allowing myself goodies as long as I reined it in somewhere else during the day - as I was doing before I started LT... and its worked. I have had treats, naughties but all in moderation and been very sensible with my meals and due to this have seen my weight go down... I have gained this morning since yesterday but I am loaded with IV fluid and incredibly swollen too so I am not thinking about that bit for the next few days!!

So, although I am not actively on the LT right at this moment I am still watching very carefully and like to keep up to date with the posts.. i am not allowed to do LT for a few weeks but I still do have some sneaky products to plan on having one a day or so when I am feeling better just to see if the scales continue in the same way... so, can I stay? LOL!! I will be heading back on to LT or exante in a few weeks as I want to lose another stone or stone and a half depending on what happens during my recovery. I have to be very sensible about what I eat from now as it can have an effect on digestive tract obviously so maybe that will help the scales too?? I dont know yet!!

ANyway, have a lovely weekend and keep up the godo work - this board kept me sane in hossie yesterday but I couldnt reply from my phone!!! :)
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Pleased u are ok sweetie, I was thinking about you yesterday xx
All the best to you, hope you feel better soon. I knew someone who had the same operation years ago and she was a changed woman, she bloomed and started to smile again, guess thats due to the pain going, take care of yourself xxx

Jessie 888

one life only
Hey Donna! I was wondering how you got on yesterday. It all sounds great, babe - well, apart from the pain bit, of course! Good to hear you sounding so positive. Put your feet up and milk it for as long as you can. ;)


goingtobeslim x
hi donna glad everything went well with the operation and hope you have a speedy recovery. take care xx
Hey, glad operation went well and that you have a speedy recovery!!

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