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Operation Skinny ***** ...


**2015 is my Year!**
I thought I would start my own wee diary on here to help keep me motivated. I feel like I have dieted all my life, you name it I've done it and my recent attempt with slimming world just didn't go to plan where I gained 1lb in my 1st week! I decided on Tuesday to download the my fitness pal app and try calorie counting. I have a lot of weight to lose. I've recently ended an engagement and finally decided to focus on me and sort myself out. I put so many of my dreams on hold for 2 years so no more. I am going on holiday in May and then planning on going to Australia in September to visit a friend so need to seriously shift the pounds! I've also joined the gym and for the 1st time in a long time I'm feeling really motivated. I hope the scales are kind to me on Tuesday as blummin totm arrived on Wednesday lol.

My start weight is 18 stone :(
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**2015 is my Year!**
Thought I would add some pics of week one :)


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**2015 is my Year!**
Thanks for the followers!!

I've had a reasonably good weekend, yesterday I went to my 1st adult tap dance class and loved it! It's something I have always wanted to do!

I stayed at my mums last night and made bolognase for dinner. I didn't have scales so had to guesstimate the portions but think I did ok. I was slightly over on calories as had some popcorn.

Today I was working and have came in bang on calories today.

Hoping for a good result on the scales on Tuesday, tempted to have a wee sneaky peek on the scales tomorrow lol.

Calories burned during tap!


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Hey hun here to follow my weekend was crap for food keep listening to people saying how skinny I am and eating chocolate!! :eek: hows the gym going? I love the gym!! am currently spin addicted do a double spin session every Monday as well as usually 3 other spin sessions as well.. I do legs bums and tums abs workout and body pump too going to start zumba up again on tuesday morning now I can no longer do body combat on a tuesday evening.. also now we have less horses in can fit in a session wednesday and thursday lunchtime will do body pump wednesday and super circuits on thursday ;) it's become abit of an obsession the gym!! :p


**2015 is my Year!**
The gym is going ok, I'm a bit shy to use the weight machines just yet so I downloaded the couch 2 5k app on my phone and use that whilst on the treadmill. I can't run the run sections so I just power walk those bits.

There aren't many class's on during the day at my gym (I only have an off peak membership) but as I get fitter and a bit more confident I might upgrade to a full membership.


**2015 is my Year!**
As predicted the bloat kicked in this morning and the scales were not friendly so I'm going to go with yesterday's weight which was 17st 12.5lb so that's a loss of 1.5 lbs.

I will take that and will make a concise effort to keep the bread to a minimum this week which should be easy as I'm on annual leave after I finish work 2moro.

I can't seem to enter half pounds on the mfp app can you only do it on the website?


**2015 is my Year!**
Busy wee day, had a good physio session to try and help my knee and then went and got some paint to decorate my living room. Want a fresh update so managed to get the 1st coat all done today. Will need a 2nd one as I'm doing it an off white colour.

It's been snowing here today but thankfully it's not lying as it's also raining!


**2015 is my Year!**
Well done!

Thank you! Last night I went to my friends house for a wee while and we shared a bag of popcorn so was still within my calories for the day.

Today's plan is to get out of bed soon and finish painting the living room. I'm hoping that one more coat will be enough.

I ordered a new dining table yesterday and cleared out a lot of stuff so need a wee mini bookcase to put some of my ornaments on. I spied one in Argos so will prob get that.

Can't wait till it's all done :)