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Operation Starvation update/ edge of caving in!

Okaaay so it's my 3rd weigh in on WW - lost 3lbs first week, then 2, then 2. Very good for me.

However, having been pretty much constantly hungry for the past 3 weeks, I'm not sure how much longer I can sustain this.

What's the longest you've lasted on WW? My previous is 2 days so I'm doing really, really well. I have only 4lbs to my target and sooo don't want to fail now, but I can't see how I can stick at this much longer.
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I am not really hungry on WW but I am on 23 points which I guess is more than you if you are almost at goal weight. I would make some zero point soup and fill up on LOADS of veggies with your dinner! I love buying the packets of broc and carrots that you just pop in micro for 5 mins! Makes it soo easy!
I have tried the soup but it doesn't seem to fill me up! For dinner I had salmon (4pts) with load of veggies, but I'm starving again and have no points left. I am on 18 a day; I reckon I normally eat about 40, seriously!
Hi Hun

You re doing so well and so close to goal, dont cave in now!! Im on 21 points but am never hungry. Im quite new to this, only on week 4 but find eating lots of lower point items like jelly with fruit and a ww yoghurt i only a point for a bowl full and filling up on veg, salad. I also avoid bread and go for omeletteas opposed to sandwiches

Im sure someone will be along soon with their knowledge

Good luck xx
On a typical day I have cereal and milk for breakfast (6 points, including milk for drinks throughout the day), 2 pitta with ham and salad (5 points for pitta, 1 or 2 for ham), couple of Ryvita (1 or 2 points) or an apple and a WW yog for snacks (1 point) then chicken (2.5), 1 potato, veg and gravy for tea. I am ravenous!! I think I might just have to accept there is only a certain amount of time you can live off such limited calories/ food...
Have you tried porridge or eggs/bacon for breakfast? Personally if i have something like branflakes i am starving by 10.ooam!!! Today i had scotts so easy porridge made wit skimmed milk and 2 tinned pear halves chopped up in it then sprinkled a bit of cinnimon on top. Had this at 8.ooam and didnt eat again til 2.00pm. I am a hungry person usually so have been really surprised that im not on this 'diet' - have you got the new infor for filling foods on the discovery plan? It may help or it could just be your body is ready for more i guess

Thanks Donna, I might try something else. I leave the house for work at 7.15am so I tend to eat breakfast when I get to work, about 7.45am. I have 4 Weetabix or 4 Shredded Wheat, but cereal never fills me up for long, apart from 100g or so of muesli which I'm sure would be about a million points!

Just tried my teeny pre-marriage jeans on and they are a bit tight across the hips which is nothing as I can't normally get them on... spurred me on for another day!
You re so close, you will so regret it if you dont get to your ultimate target! Just read around a few diaries of people who reset their target them wish they hadnt!!!!

Know what you mean about higher point breakfast, bought granola then realised how much you get for a million points!!

Do you have the discovery plan details? Its not that much different to the old points plan i think but it does give you a few ideas for more filling foods, i think along the low gi index - may be worth nosing around, anything tohelp get you through the next week or two then you can have an extra large thread saying you have got to your target!!!!

Im here if you need a bit of support - good luck for tomorrow - you can do this!!!

Donna x
Bugger, just wrote a long post and then lost it! I would agree with the porridge thing - much more filling in the medium turn or a poached egg on wholemeal toast, if you have time, which would only be 3 points which you could then use for later in the day.

Your other alternative would be to try Core (now known as Simply Filling) which gives you unlimited quantities (eat until full) but a more limited range of food.
Im a newbie to ww and go to class so why have i not heard of 'simply filling'? Someone asked about the old 'core plan' last week and she said that it had all changed to discovery plan and she wanted everyone to do it!!!! Now im confused - going to find my folder - is it in there????

I sound like a woman scorned xx
It should be hidden away in the folder - the class leaders are told not to promote it and only to tell people about it if they have given points a try first and it's not working for them or some such (!)


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Is that right! How sneaky!! I suppose people on core wont be buying the WW meals and snacks...maybe thats it! Shocking tho!
You will look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! I cant wait to see the pictures!


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i eat porridge and find that i last longer. i also make a home made soup for lunch. i include butternut squash, sweet potato and sometimes a small amount of split red lentils. low in points but very filling. i keep the veg big and chunky also.

good luck x
Hi, Just noticed this thread - hope you are still on track.

As you are so close to goal and not very heavy - it does take extra effort to shift those last few pounds - although, like Jen, I can't say I am every actually hungry - just nibbly (wanting chocolate but not needing it :D)

Chunky veg curries or chilli work for me - really low points and very filling cos they take ages to eat.

Stir fry with quorn and sauce is also very low point and you get loads - as long as you don't add rice or bread to up the points, but to be honest, you don't need to.

Have you only ever had a little to lose? To maintain your weight loss you are not going to be able to eat any more than about 24 pts a day anyway when you get there - so its worth getting used to it or you will put the weight you have lost back on

Or - do some high intensity exercise and then eat your activity points..:D:D
Thanks for all the replies. I've never been properly big, size 14/ 10st 9 is the biggest I've been and that was first year uni, years ago. I honestly think I would still lose weight on 24pts a day as this is so few calories.

Weighed sneakily at home this morning and I've lost 8lbs in just under 3 weeks. I can't sustain this or the lack of food, but will be using some of the tips on here, esp soup ones with chunky veg, sounds yum!
p.s. high intensity exercise is totally out as my knees are shot. I do as much as I can without causing myself constant agony, but unfortunately cycling to and from work twice a week plus one walk home (its 2.5miles each way) pretty much ruins them. I am such a naturally active person it is gutting.
I would agree with Karen, give Core or Simply Filling a go - if you go to class then ask for the Simply Filling leaflet and don't take no for an answer. Or go onto the Weightwatchers website message boards under Healthy Habits, thats the new Core board, alternatively if you PM me your email address I have a list of all the Core foods.

I would also suggest giving porridge a go, its really fillling and if you chop a banana on the top I gaurantee it will be 11 - 12 noonish before you are hungry again.

I personally think WW should be encouraging people are are within 7lbs of goal to give Core a go as this is when people are likely to give up cos they are just so hungry all the time - this happened to me many years ago, I was 7lbs from goal on 18 points and starving so gave it up (pre no count days mind you!).
I live in france and I think what we do is the core diet. You NEED NOT be hungry with this method. Example of my day :
Breakfast : fruit, 0points, fromage blanc and maple syrup 1.5 points
lunch veg soup 0points, ham sandwich 3points
Dinner : 200g veal or pork filet sliced, cooked with onions and chicken stock and unlimited potatoes. 7 points.
That is only 11.5 points. Leaves plenty for a bit of bread and cheese if you need more. I drink red wine! Ask about this way of slimming. It works for me.
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