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  1. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    So I've decided to start this diary to track my progress and make myself accountable for every single thing I eat. I lost 3 stone about 2 years ago on a vlcd but put it back on slowly but surely and am back to 12 stone (I'm 5"1). I've yo'yo dieted for the past 2 years with very little success so Ive decided not to cut out any food group completely and stick to 1400 calories per day by using a calorie counting app on my phone. Tomorrow I'm joining a gym very close to where I live and my plan is to do 3 sessions of HIIT per week and 2/3 sessions of running on the treadmill or using the crosstrainer. I'm also starting to think about starting a family with my husband and so I would love to be at a relatively healthy weight if that happened. I wont always post what I eat on here as Im tracking it on my app but I'm going to lash down what I plan to eat today and also the rest of my goals. I really really hope I get to goal and don't give up as I've been feeling like a right old failure for the last year or so. I would be so proud of myself if I got to a healthy weight without completely starving myself of food and still being able to enjoy a treat - such as the odd (or often) glass of vino, chocolate, a sunday roast dinner which I am a complete sucker for.

    Food (today):

    B'fast: Protein bar (153 calories) and coffee with a small splash of low fat milk (14 calories) = 167 cals
    Lunch: 130g of smoked salmon (190 cals) with 30g goats cheese (97 cals) and cherry tomatoes x 8 (24 cals) = 311 cals
    Dinner: Prawns provencale: 100g prawns (60 cals) with low fat tomato sauce (87.5 cals) and 100g cooked basmati rice (141 cals) = 288 cals

    Total: 766.5 cals (700 cals left over for snacks if am hungry - I know its bad to eat too little so will definitely eat more than what Ive planned).

    Current weight: 12 stone
    Goal weight: 9 stone
    Weight to lose: 3 stone
    Goal weightloss rate: 2 lbs per week
    Time to get to goal: Hopefully 21 weeks (5 months - which takes me to the 24th of August 2014, just in time for our summer holiday :)
    Exercise goals: 5-6 times per week with Sunday off (or if Monday has been crazy busy, take Monday off and do Sunday instead).
    W.I. day: Saturday (or if travelling home for the weekend weigh in on Friday morning instead)

    Sarah :)
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  3. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Here to subscribe and keep you motivated! :D

    We have the same target weight and very similar target weight! I'm losing to go on holiday on 27th August and then keep it off after that (I hope hehe)

    Also, hope you don't mind me letting you know, it's actually 4 months (17weeks) until August, not 5 (I don't know where the year is going!) So hopefully we can both be at our target by then!! :D xxx
  4. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hey Kay! Ha ha no I don't mind at all, I'm so bad at maths - and also wishful thinking that have 5 months to get to goal ;) love the idea of motivating each other - let's get this done! I'm also subscribing to your diary.

    I think one of the biggest challenges for me is getting my ass off the couch and down to the gym. Would love to get to a point where I enjoy exercising and become one of those gym bunny people :)
  5. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Right so, I did a sneaky weigh in this morning and I'm up 1lb. :( bloody hell. I only ate 1200 cals yesterday (planned meals plus snacks). Feeling a bit frustrated but I know I didn't drink enough water so will try to drink 2ls today. I only started on Wednesday so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Joining gym tomorrow. Cannot wait to get moving and shed this horrible weight. I need to see consistent losses on the scales to keep me motivated. Right, am going to have a good day, stick to my cal limit and drink plenty of water. Would love to hit 11st13lbs tomorrow morning or even Sunday morning.
  6. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I did this yesterday and was 2lbs up and was upset but after I googled it stopped worrying - weighed this morning and back to same weigh - phew. Decided not to do it again and only get weighed on my day which is Tuesday. Think it would be so easy to give in if this happened all the time.
  7. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hi systema, I think you're so right - think I need to only weigh in once a week (I was weighing on Tuesday a while ago but think will weigh in on Saturdays instead from now on). Once I'm into the habit of cc'ing and exercising it'll hopefully get easier but at the moment I am terrified of falling off the wagon!! I've been subscribing to your diary btw- you're doing fabulously - hope I can follow your lead :)
  8. steff79

    steff79 Silver Member

    hey popping in to subscribe good luck on your journey :) am a similar height to you 5ft 2 and my goal weight was the same as yours am now over a stone lower than that! go to the gym frequently but must admit my diet isn't always good have abit of a choccy addiction atm!!
  9. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hey steff, thanks for subscribing! Wow - you've done brilliantly- I would ideally like to get into the 8's so I must subscribe to your diary :) can't wait to get to goal and buy some nice clothes!
  10. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Tell me about it. I wish it was 5 months to get to goal haha. But as long as we are well on the way it will be a good start! Thank you. There's a link in my signature to my diary :D

    Definetely! It's the exercise that's the hardest bit for me too. Getting my ass motivated haha. xxx
  11. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Yes we can do this!! Xxx
  12. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hopped on the scales this morning and am down to 11st13lbs which means I've lost 1 pound since starting on wednesday. Very happy about that because even though I kept within my calories, I still had a couple of glasses of vino and some choc last night and I wasn't sure if that would interfere slightly. But it didn't. Which means you bloody can have treats and still lose weight. Just as long as I can keep within my daily calorific limits. I honestly think knowing that I can still enjoy a glass of wine or whatever will help keep me on track more than any faddy food excluding diet ever could. And hopefully I can speed up my weigtloss a little with exercise when I join the gym this morning. Looking forward to getting these thunder thighs and bingo wings of mine moving ;). Right, onwards and downwards!!
  13. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Right, joined gym down the road this morning and just finished 1st session of my 5k running prog. 162 cals burned. My plan is to come again early in the morning to do a HIIT session. Felt good to get moving :)
  14. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Sounds good and like you are on the right track! :D well done on the loss. Have you got a specific weigh in day. And I feel exactly the same about calorie counting as long as I keep within calories you can still lose weight even with choc and wine! Great news haha xxx
  15. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hey Kirsty (am I right on the name? I think I was for some reason calling you Kay before, sorry about that) - have been a bit AWOL for the last couple of days, mental couple of days at work. Need to get my ass to the gym today :) how're you getting on? Xx
  16. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Hi, and yes you are. It's Kirsty :) , aw don't worry about it. Alright. How have you been getting on diet wise? I've had a really good couple of days so feeling super positive!! :D and hope the scales are going to be nice to me on Monday. How are you getting on? xxx
  17. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Not too bad, I've not been to the gym but am going this evening. Food wise I've been good :) cannot wait to get into the bloody 10's!!! :) also, need to make a plan for being good on the bank holiday weekend, they're always my downfall...
  18. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Aw good. Well done! And yeah. I know! Tell me about it! I can't wait either lol xxx
  19. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Hi I have subscribed, i hope that is okay as I would love to join a supportive group to help motivate one another on our journey =)

    I am a bit taller at 5ft7in but I am a similar weight and I also love my sofa...it is just too comfy.

    I am using a calorie counting app and am aiming to walk every evening to improve my fitness, i am hoping to make lifestyle changes that I can maintain as i do not want to gain this much weight again =(
  20. skinnysarahc

    skinnysarahc Full Member

    Hi binky! Welcome! Let's def try and motivate each other, I need to see those scales coming down. Had a pretty good food and exercise day today, how're u getting on? Xx
  21. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Hi Sarah, Thank you for the warm welcome x

    I have gone from being scared of the scales to looking forward to WI day to see how much i have lost =)

    Today has been a good food day as i still have 100 calories left and I went for my three mile walk again this evening, i am really enjoying putting my headphones on, turning the music up loud and just letting my feet do the rest. What are you doing exercise wise? x

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