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Opinions pleassseeee. :-)


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Hi all.

I'm currently on rc diet but have been considering exante. Ive not got loads of weight to loose but I'm just so sick of having to worry about meals and calories.

So, my BMI is about 25 and a half so I wondered if anyone thinks it would be ok to go onto ts until my bmi went just below 25 and then move onto a different stage.

I have read as much info as I can but I wanted to make sure I'm reading it all right. Does this make sense?? My poor head is spinning lol

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I have a gastric band also have done 70 days on LL before and can truly say that vlcd aren't a walk in the park , weight is a terrible thing and we all want to be slim but in my opinion ( and is solely mine ) you are almost at a healthy bmi so why choose such a drastic measure when a good idea is too learn how to live with food and not without it ?? I wish you well in what choice you make xxx


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Firstly well done for having a bmi of just over 25 :) A BMI of 24.9 and under is considered a healthy normal weight. You say you have loads of weight to lose?
To me loads is over 120lbs as that's how much i have to lose but i guess it's subjective!!
It's a hard diet which many people do over a period of months and whilst removed from food they can figure out why they got so big.
If you are nearly at a healthy weight you need to face up to the fact that you have to make healthy choices and eat food now. I don't see the point in putting it off for a couple of weeks.
Good luck x
I dont think ts will be worth it for you tbh, by the time you've got into it you'll have already lost the weight and will be moving on to ws.
Why dont you just start on ws, I think that would be good for you.


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Hi Rachel, I have a BMI of under 25 now but that doesn't mean I am the correct weight for my frame. Straddling the border between 'healthy' and 'overweight' is still 'amost overweight' so I understand your predicament! I'm doing TS to bring me to a more healthy BMI in rapid time but it is bloody bloody difficult and when you're at a lower BMI the weight losses are not really phenomenal... Of course the decision is entirely up to you, I think it's worth it x


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I think you should give it a try if its the only way you think you can lose the weight .... its tough but I'm sure you'll sail through and get to your goal weight! x


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Hi. I have a bmi of 23 and I am trying the ts for a week or two to kick start. Only you can decide on the right weight for you. I get sick of peop,e saying "but you don't need to lose weight". They don't see the muffin top and the chunky thighs.

It's hard to stick too. Not the hunger - more the habit of not picking the piece of cheese or the slice of bread. The flap jacks are delicious though and feel like a treat. I have sneaked the odd little snack in. One for under 100 cals so not adding too much. This is my day 5 and it's getting easier. Today was my real test as I love sunday dinner with a glass od wine. The banana shake wasn't quite the same lol.
Good luck.


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I totally agree with the sunday feeling!! I'm flagging today as this is my first week. Struggling to be good but have not given in so far!!! Roll on the weeks eh x
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Hi Rachel, I absolutely know how you feel coping with calorie counting. I've found Exante set me free of all that so I could stop thinking about food all day long and get on with my life. I say go for it and finally shift those last few stubborn LBS. You are an inspiration as my dream is to reach a healthy BMI too! Well done you & good luck!


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Thanks for all your replies.

I have thought long and hard about this, it's all I have thought about all weekend. I've just ordered the weeks supply kit and I'm going to give it a shot. If it dosent work for me I'll just go back to doing rc.

More than anything I'm just looking forward to not having to think about meals and counting calories. I'm a mum of 4 and could just do with a break from worrying about cooking for them and then cooking for me. I know it's not going to be easy for a few days, but yoQu know what it's like being a busy mum, you just have to get on with it!

I really do appreciate your support. Thanks again! I'll keep you posted when my packs arrive eeeekk!!!



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S: 11st13lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st13lb(16.17%)
That great news good luck and look forward to hearing of your progress during the next week x

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