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Oriental chilli soup


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Had this soup for my tea and OMG it was gorgeous!! :drool: Didn't try it the first 2 weeks as didn't like the sound of it but will defo be getting it again!!
Has anyone else found that the flavours you think you will like are awfull and the ones u think will be yuk are nice?? :character00148:
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yes me!! i w as worried about the vanilla shake cus i tryed my mums slim fast v anilla about 10 years ago and it was gross.. but i bought it and it was lush one of my fave he he..

never tryed the chilli like you not sure if i will.. bet i will though..

whats it taste like? give us a clue lol.. is it also lactose free?
I don't like any of the chocolate type powder shakes - but much to my surprise, I love the choc tetra! And conversely, I really like the banana powder shake (my fav), but don't like the banana tetra!

In fact I've now narrowed my choices down to;
Banana shake (breakfast)
Peanut or cranberry bar (lunch)
Spicy tomato soup (tea)
Choc tetra (evening)

It may be limited, but at least I can enjoy all those (while dreaming about my first chicken tikka sometime in the autumn! - I don't think dreaming adds weight.....)


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oooooooooooh i hate the chilli soup!! just thinking about it actually makes me heave! eeeeuuuuuugggghhhhh!
glad u like it tho!
I started out with the soups, the potato and leek was my fave. Then one day it made me retch, so i've avoided all soups since then. The very thought of them makes me feel ill. I just stick to the shakes and bars now.


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I haven't tasted that many soups really, find them a bit too much, perhaps because I used to be a cup a soup aholic.

I do have the occassional vegetable one but much prefer the shakes. Tried the cappucino one last week and as I dont drink coffee didnt think I would like it, but I do. Will be buying plenty of those on Saturday, as well as bars which I will be tasting for the first time....
I have an oriental chilli lingering in the back of the box... im surviving on vegetable with a dash of lime (i know i shouldnt!) but im still loosing weight, might try it....
Last night i left all my weeks worth on the bus! so ill have to have it sooner or later!


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Loooooove chilli soup.. its so yummy.. i was put off having it for a while.. until i bought one to try.. and i wish i had had more..
I love the chicken and mushroom too.. and the veg one.. yum yum..
x x


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
Quite an even mix there!!
When I started I bought a vanilla shake for every day as I looooove vanilla stuff but I had to really force it down as I thought it smelt of baby milk and it really put me off. Wierd how things taste so different lol x


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Chillli soup is my fave so far (have tried vegtable, chicken and mushroom and Potatoe and leek.) Tried Spicey tomatoe last night and wrched not only at the smell, but it had only passed my lips and had to spit it back out. has to be the most revolting thing ever. Love the choc tetra and the tofee and hazelnut shake with some flaxseed added really nice and getting some fibre in too


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i love the oriental chilli, i haad a bad experience with the mushroom soup, i hated it made me gip so i halved my mushroom with OChilli and it made it just bearable...i love all the shakes, spicy tom was ok veg is nice the choc tetras a gargeous...thats my pennys worth..x


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I stick to vanilla (that I mix with nutmeg or coffee powder), toffee and walnut, chocolate or chocolate orange shakes, chocolate tetras and chocolate or chocolate orange bars. I've tried all the others but have gone right off them. I keep a few soups (oriental chilli and potato and leek) in the cupboard just in case I fancy something different but rarely do!
Like SuffokGuy I am dreaming of a good curry all the time lately..................:sigh:


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I loathed the oriental chilli soup ~ but randomly discovered it makes lovely crisps...!! Strange! Always treat myself to some oriental chilli crisps most days now... :)

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