Original Day advice pls!


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Hi all, pls can you kindly let me know if this is ok to have on a Red day, as i only have the one small book as im doing this from home.


-84g All Bran (HexB x 2)

-Skimmed Milk (didn't get a chance to weigh, however only had a little bit)

Total 0% Greek yoghurt (is that free?)


1 x Large Tin Tuna in Brine (drained), mixed with 2 x tablespoons quark, a few salad leaves and 1 x tomato, also tescos turkey slices (from packet)


2 x Clemtines
1 x Apple
1 x Bananna
2 x plums
1 x Vanilla Muller yogurt


2 x Chicken Breasts cooked with Indian spices, brocolli, cauli, green beans and mushrooms and 1 table spoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon pathak's tandoori paste.

1 x Cadburys Highlights hot chocolate-40cals

Pls tell me if all ok and roughly what would be my syns and how many?

Also is mullerlight unlimited and is sugar free jelly syn free?

Many thanks for your time. xx
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Highlights hot choc is 2 syns, sugar free jelly is not syn free, the little pots that are less then 10 cals are 1/2 syn. And the mullerlights are free except the cheesecake variety and the cherry underlayer ones


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Thank you to both of you ok so-


Hot choc-2 syns
Sugar Free jelly 1/2 syn
Olive Oil 1 tablespoon, how many syns would that be?

Do you think i have consumed to much food? My portions were not huge at all


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