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Orlistat available without precription


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oh is this the one that leaves the toilet bowl orange? no I wouldn't take anything like that because i have a sensitive tummy anyway and would be scared of the consequences. tempting as it maybe!
Yes that would be the one, i was on it for 2 weeks and i have never done so much washing in my life and i couldn't leave the house either! I'm just so desperate to lose weight i was debating about doing it again.
I thrown this around in my head all day and I still dont know the answers. I may "try" and see what my body thinks of it but againI dont know for sure!
I was on weightwatchers when i was on it last and i ate alot of jusk still as i was on a fair few points. But i think since starting sw my eating habits have got alot better but i'm still not sure. It is suppose to help you lose 10% of weight in 6 months but i have lost 5% on 4 weeks of slimming world. So i'm not to sure either
I dont know - Its not something I am going to just rush into if I do decide to do it I am def going to look at what people who have used it have said before making any kinda decison.


I am one of the 63336
I had the 'oily spotting' (spent a fortune on laundry powder and clothes dye!!!). My head felt 'wooly' all the time I was on it. My stomach felt sore and bloated. I didn't dare be more than a 10 second dash from the loo and avoided watching comedy shows as I couldn't risk laughing.

It took me 4 months to lose 10% of my body weight following the SW diet and I had some pretty bad weeks in there.

I wouldn't recommend Orlistat to anyone, but that's just my view xx


Slimming for my children
I would warn anyone off of this.
If you eat any sort of fat you are in agony and have to poo straight away! You also leak out orange dye in your knickers so i had to wear sanitary towels.
It stinks and i also stained my toilet bowl orange it is vile. I was on it 2 weeks and lost a lb and i was following ww.

I tried it too and it never actually worked at all! My doctors theory being that my diet was so low fat anyway there was nothing extra to expel. I think it works great as a deterrant... youre so scared of the side effects you eat low fat and sensible and THATS what causes the weight loss.

I think selling them over the counter is a bad idea. So many people think its a wonder drug and its just not


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The 'Alli' version of Orlistat is only supposed to be a very low dose compared to the real stuff,so the results are not going to be as good as people expect, especially if they are looking for a miracle drug, it only works if you consume large amount of fat,so if your problem is that you just eat loads of sweets(like me) then its not for you.


Slimming for my children
I read in the paper tho they are saying loose 50% of your weight!!!
I think its really wrong how they are advertising the pills why cant the government put more into sw or ww rather than quick fixes. this is what got me worse than i was in the first place. I started LL at 14.10 and finished at 12.3 and then went straight back up past go and up to 17 stone 4 so I was heavier than i was before that fad diet.

healthy eating is the only way to go!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!
If you are following the SW plan and take Orlistat or its equivalent it will not work...I lost 2lbs in 4 months and the side effects are not only embarrasing they are costly! (New underwear and washing up liquid)
If you follow the SW 100%, you will see the results...sadly there is no quick fix (have considered the option of having jaws wired shut) and now having a gastric band, I will still loose weight at a steady pace and thats all I want. Ive managed to loose 5 stone and still have another 7.5 to go, but I take one day at a time.
You just have to be in the right frame of mind and plan...but please do not consider this as an option!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
Seen dr chris talking about this on this morning, he was saying that it will be available from behind the counter in chemists, but he did warn of the side effects. He said that if you are going to get it you should keep your fat content to under 3%.

I wouldn't try it if you paid me, and that is coming from me who has tried everything to lose weight. I would be terrified if i had an 'accident' when i was in someone elses house or out in the street. There is a lot of people who will want to try it though and they may find out the hard way. i think it would be really hard to stick to under 3% fat though as most things we have on sw are low fat, however there are hidden fats in things, and what if you cook with healthy fat like olive oil , even in moderation it would come right through you. And what if someone who drinks whole milk starts the tablets, then moves onto semi skimmed milk for example, it will still run through them, even though it is healthy and healthier than what they have been used to it is half fat milk.

I have yet to hear from someone that it has worked for, everyone i have spoken to has a horror story to tell me. My cousin also got terrible headaches with it.
I have been on these pills for 2 months and have had no side effects, but also not weight loss. I joined SW and decided that I had nothing to lose by carrying on taking the pills as well, which I have done, first weigh in at SW I lost 2lb, so I shall carry on taking them for a while.



soon to be skinny minnie
I have been on these pills for 2 months and have had no side effects, but also not weight loss. I joined SW and decided that I had nothing to lose by carrying on taking the pills as well, which I have done, first weigh in at SW I lost 2lb, so I shall carry on taking them for a while.

That is great that you have had no side effects, everyone else i know has had them.
I've been on these since April 2008 and have had no side effects whatsoever. I've stuck to a low fat/high carb diet, and exercise regularly. I wouldn't buy these tablets over the counter though. For 2 reasons..I get my prescription every 4 weeks from my dr, this involves being weighed and having a good chat with my dr about how things are going, so I feel I'm being properly supervised whilst taking the tablets. And 2, £1.50 a day?? I pay £5 for my months prescription :)

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