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Orlistat (Xenical)


i tried them pills a few years back and would be a word for them,the side effects are horrid and the weight loss is little more than about 1lb a week.for all the pain and suffering that goes with them in my opinion they are def not worth it but of course everyone is different and you may find them really good.

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I dont think theyd work at all with CD/LL in fact they could be quite damaging. Orlistat stop your body absorbing fat in food, with CD/LL being so specific with all the nutrients etc it has in it I dont imagine expelling anything would be advisable.

I tried Orlistat last year, never worked at all but I have to admit I wonder if they work more like a placebo, youre so scared of the effects you eat low fat, and the low fat and healthy food you eat is what causes your weight loss as opposed to the tablets ;)
I was given Xenical a couple of years ago and besides the nasty side effects I really don't think they did that much. Yes I did loose a bit of weight - 12lbs over 3 months but I think that was due to the fact I changed my eating habits and excercised more.
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xenical,lost 2 stone in 8 weeks

ive been on xenical just over 8 weeks and ive lost 2 stone.i think if u stick to the diet and eat the right things it does work.the only time u get side effects is when u break the rules and eat food with too much fat in.plus everyones body is different:D
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I used them for 3 months last year all I can say is evil evil evil side effects. Weight loss was at best 1 lb a week. The headaches and sweats are terible let alone the other more common ones !!


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I've had them more than once, unfortunately both times I went stupid and seemed to think I could eat more fat because 20 percent (or whatever amount it is) wasn't going to be absorbed!!..

My hubby was doing fantastic with the ones they banned late last year :(

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