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OT-Any careers advisors/teachers/lsa's/ta's? need advice


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As i'm trying to take control on my diet, i thought i may as well sort the rest of my life out, debts are being sorted now so i've spent the last few days thinking about what i want to do with my life, spent the last 2 years thinking i'm too old and stupid to do anything but i'm not, i'm only 25 theres loads i could do and i certainly don't want to be a call centre bod in 10 years time. Babies are on hold for a few years so makes sense i do something now, i want to get some qualifications as i only have NVQ 2/GCSE's which are the same level apparently. I 'think' i want to be a teacher, its something i always wanted to do as a child but i'm a little indecisive :whistle: So my choices are doing a degree with open uni (BA hons Childhood and youth studies) which is good but a long and expensive process, i'd have to stay where i work and volunteer in a school at the same time. My other option is do a distance course (BTEC teaching assistant) for a year then try and get into a school where i could do my degree if i wanted to or train and get qualifications as a teachers assistant, this seems to be the better option, i'm just worried about making the wrong choice. What are my best options?
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Hi i work in a school with special needs children, i would say is to start a BTEC teaching Assistant course first do your placements etc.!
Then a 2 year course on the BA course then your PGCE??
there are a few routes you can take but the way i started was nvq 2,3 foundation degree, then BA and so on.! And the school i did my foundation degree kept me on permantly which ment that the school paid towards my course, a good way to get your foot in the door.!

Good luck you can do it follow your dreams 'lifes too short'
Im 27 years old now x
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Just wanted to wish you luck in this, I am trying to get "back" into administration/clerical work which I gave up 10 years ago to have my son. No mean feat as things change so quickly!

Best of luck to you- go chase your dreams!


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Im currently with the OU and it is worth it. Im trying to become a teacher as well but im getting my English degree then going for a PGCE after. That is if i dont get into uni which im also applying for.
The OU means i can still work and earn money and get my degree at the same time, im worried it will take a long time but you can do more than 1 course at the same time if you want so can be quicker!


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Thanks for the responses, Shabba i started the English degree about 3 years ago with the OU but i couldn't get past level one, because although i love English i'm pants with art and music and the first course was based on all of them. I've looked today and they've scrapped the course i did and the replacement (arts past and present) looks managable for me. I would love to try again but hubbs isn't keen because i failed the first course. How far into the degree are you? are you enjoying it?


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Funnily enough im doing AA100, the arts past and present. :giggle:

I wont lie its hard, but so rewarding. Im no art buff but i've loved it. I wont get the chance to play with art again so i have risked it, and although i was afraid i got good marks!
I found out im good at philosophy and anything that has written evidence, but i cant read art, but as there were more than 1 choice on each assignment it didnt matter to me!

I will be finished on the 1st October when my final assignment goes in but i havent got a break because me next one starts on the 2nd October!!! :eek: This is my first year on the english degree, i did W100, introduction to law, last year and decided a law degree wasnt me.

I have been to the day school's and met people who are on their last year but saved this for last and are having a nice easy ride lol


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Its good your enjoying it and getting good marks, i wish i could do the English degree with out doing that one but looks like i'm going to have to. Sounds like a much better course then the one i first attempted, if i can get the money together i'm going to start in October. But i think i'm going to have to wait in Feb and start level 2's next october.


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They are supposedly removing Feb starts in the next few years, we had an e-mail giving us the details of what courses are ending etc and they say students work harder over winter! :rolleyes: Ill be in line with it after this one though
I did an Open University degree then did a PGCE and went into teaching.

Why not make an appointment with either a local college or the OU and see what they suggest.

Irene xx


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Eek well i've taken the plunge and signed up to AA100, Hubbs paid the fee for me so i can pay him back and then save for the next one (fingers crossed) I just have to wait 10 days to see if my registrations been accepted. Bit worried they'll say no because i failed the first time. I spoke to teacher friend of hubbs and she thinks OU is the best option, i'm hoping now i've got a bit more support i'll do better. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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they shouldnt have a problem letting you in! :)
My biggest tip is because it is such a huge course, look at the assignment questions and work around those!! You dont need to do everything on the course :)
And go to day schools if you can, they are brilliant!

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