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OT, but need to tell someone :(

Hubby just contacted me from Mumbai to say that they have asked him to work another week there :(
Oh well. I knew I wasnt going to celebrate Valentines Day anyway...we arent really ones for declaring undying love to one another once a year when we do that all the time, but Daughter really misses him and cries at night for Daddy to say good night to her and after this news I want to cry too! :cry:
Oh boob!
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Hi mrs V it must be hard especially with the little one. but on a bright side think of what difference sw will make in another week and how fab you will look and feel for him coming home. hugs x
Thanks Huni...Im ok really, just feeling disappointed as we didnt spend much time together before he went (he was poorly).
Im not tempted to want to go off plan thankfully, just feel let down somehow....strange I know!


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how bout you and mr v sort out an alternate date then you can get excited hon. XXXXX then set yourself a mini goal so you can buy some slinky underwear
Lol..I do feel ok now, spoken to him quite a lot today. I really am not used to him going away. I dont know how Army wives cope!


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Chin up missus. Must be crap for you. Just think of those extra lbs that will have came off by the time he gets home!! xx


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You have my sympathy:hug99:. My DH is away lots (I am an Army wife!!). I have another 16 days left and I'm climbing the walls. It's always really hard when you have a date in mind and it changes at the last minute! Shatters all your dreams LOL!!

Give your little one lots of hugs and make her a chart showing when Daddy is coming home, it does help!
Valentines day will probably be hard, even though you don't usually celebrate,just because it's an occasion you really want him around for!

Plan something nice with your little one and have your own celebration when he gets home:D. Oh and go and buy yourself some new lingerie for the homecoming,he probably won't notice, he'll whip them off so fast LOL, but they will make you feel good!
oh thats rubbish :( poor you x

i was expecting OH home any minute but he has just phoned to say he is 2 hours away, i've got such a headache and DD is teething & grumpy so i just feel like crying.

sorry. anyway, like the others say make another date and treat yourself to some nice undies ;)
Poopy poop poop. Poor you.x


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Awwwh! Sends hugs! (I'll lend you mine if you like! He's abit worn round the edges tho!)
Aww mrs v thats awful, I know how you feel - when I was younger my dad went away to Bosnia for about 18 months, we only saw him a handful of times. Its heartbreaking, and when they change the date it just is so awful. Chin up for your little one, a calendar to count off the days is a good idea! If you ever need a chat just pm me :) hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxx
Big hugs to you Mrs V... I know I hate it whenever my OH is away from me, thankfully it's not often.
He had to go away for two weeks way back in 2000 and I couldn't eat! The only thing I had was full sugar coke! I lost a stone in those two weeks... wouldn't recommend it though, lol.
Do you get to talk to him often?

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