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OT but so happy :D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Aww that's great news hun! You must be over the moon. xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
ILD i am lol I cant stop smiling :D <<<<<see! ;)

How are you hun? xx
I'm good thanks. I'm not finding this diet too bad. I think because I can still have my favourite foods but just in the low fat versions it's not making me feel like I'm missing out. I'm feeling really positive and think I'm actually going to make it this time :) My bikes being put up today, so I'm going to get my butt into action and start exercising this week. How are you getting on? How long are you going to Cameroon for? xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thats great. I feel exactly the same Lizzy. This really is the first "diet" i have done, where i feel as though i will truly do it.
Before i changed my way of thinking, i just wanted quick results and silly expectations! And to get those kind of losses, involved restricting certain food groups...if not all! lol Thats why i failed.
Gald you are feeling so optimistic :D Im sure you will do it too x

Im off for 3weeks hun, and i cant wait! Although not so much looking forward to my 3boys ( 4, 2 and 1) on the 8hour flight :rolleyes:

Thanks hun :) Aww I'm sure your boys will be fine. You'll just have to take loads with you to keep them entertained. Last time we went away we got a night flight because someone said they're better because the kids just sleep, no one told my daughter that! She was awake most of the time and I found it more hard work than the day flight! xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Yeah def have to take loads they are so easily bored! lol

haha bless your daughter...its always the way isn't it. Good old sods law :p


Violet is shrinking
lol @ slim :D

thats great news Fru,so happy for you :)


Taking the Scenic Route..
Lol slim!! ;)

Thanks bunny! Im even more happy for you on your excellent loss :D

Kelly hun, he went abroad on business and we originally thought it would be up untill about Xmas. So was very happy when i heard he will more than likely be home in a couple of weeks :) Hate being with out him.


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