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OT:Can you help me with a daft question...

I've got to rsvp to a wedding invitation and I've got to

"state one thing that nobody knows about you".

But I'm really struggling! There's nothing that interesting that nobody knows about me, or anything vaguely interesting is something probably inappropriate for a wedding! LOL!

So...what should I put? Any suggestions on themes or ideas (obviously I know you don't know my life! But ideas about topics would help me loads)

Thank yoooou!
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Finding inspiration
Maybe say, as a child, what you wanted to be when you grew up? Or that you're irrationally afraid of spiders (etc)... your dream holiday would be <wherever>... Maybe some award or trophy you've won?
Like the ideas so far!!!

Rolf Harris asked me to marry him...but all my mates know that.

No tattoos...my only real phobia is trifle! LOL!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
trifle is evil hellie is right lol i have a friend who is afraid of ketchup i used to run after her with sachets if she miffed me off
It's the soggy sponge, jelly wobbly custardy creamy frogspawn of the devil!!!!
I am a trainer and use this exercise as an icebreaker all the time- I read out the interesting facts and everyone has to try and guess who's they are (prizes for winner)

Mine are usually about being in the A Team fanclub when I was eight, having pink wee from eating too much beetroot, etc- the more random the better!!!!

You could always go with your hopes and dreams, accidents you have had, famous people you have met/kissed, pets, holidays, or phobias of trifle (good one!)

yeah I think I'll just go with the old trifle phobia! I dunno what she's using it for but at least it might make people laugh...
Rolf Harris asked me to marry him...but all my mates know that.
Omg Ive kissed rolf harris! i asked if i could kiss him and he grabbed my head and kissed me, He didn't want to marry me though:p
Haha he had wet lips too :p plus i was only 16 at the time :eek:

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