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OT Help with Application form


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Ok can do the job standing on my head.. however the form is asking for days sick in last 2 years..

Now I have had eczema on my hands for 2 and half years and due to the nature of my job (health care assistant.) I have had a few periods.. which amount to 3 days a week.. and can be a couple of weeks long.. I more or less have had approx 30 days but this has been down to Occ health saying I cant work.. I have felt fit but they said Im open to infection.. they employed me knowing I had this problem.. this is one of the reasons I want to change jobs.. so how do I word all this on an application form without it sounding like Im a milingerer.. says she who has spent the last few days resting on doctors orders arrrgghhhh :D
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hmmmm - thats a tricky one, and as a waffler Im not much help! hopeful someone good with words will come along in a min, in the mean time I'll do good thinking just in case you desperately need me! hehe x


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I would shave a few days off the truth! I worked in recruitment for a while and they rarely check things like that. They will be more interested in your experience. 9 out of 10 employers never even chase up the references either. If you put the truth on the form, the chances are they won't even offer you an interview.


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that sounds good karen x


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I agree with Starlight, you just need a quick note to say that the days off where due to a skin reaction caused by the nature of the job.
If your changing jobs to an environment where it wont be happening again i.e moving from a health care environment to a school or shop or office then id be straight up and id state the reason for changing my job was to take myself away from the situation that was making me ill and if your not still be honest. If your honest about it then no one can say anything in the future, most Hospitals abide by what Occy Health says so at the end of the day if occy health said you couldnt work you couldnt work and it wasnt your fault if there is space on teh form then put a short note saying on the advice of occupational health . if there is no space maybe attach something to the form or give the recruiting manager a call and talk about your concerns

Gen x
I would never lie on an application form. Where I work they do check up on sick days and references and people have been offered jobs in the past and then when the references come in saying their sickness levels were higher than they said, they retract the job offer. I would rather be honest and not get an interview than lie, get offered the job then have it took off me. I think what was mentioned earlier about adding a paragraph and maybe also ask you current employer to mention it when they write your reference. That way they will know you are telling the truth. Good Luck with it. I hate filling in application forms.

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