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ot:omg dilemma....poorly dad help needed!


loves minimins

well i found out my dear dad has sleep apnea a few weeks ago, i did notice there was something wrong with him and i made him visit the doctors (he ignores my mum) it is now confirmed apparently he stops breathing 110 times an hour which is really bad, they've told him to lose some weight (he's a big boy) bless him but i've only ever known him like that, even so i'm forever telling my mum to feed him properly as to help him lose weight but it goes in 1 ear and out the other with her.

I'm 29 and as you can see from my profile i'm no skinny minnie. but today i told my dad and i quote "dad i love you but you need to lose weight before we lose you" i thought he was gonna cry bless him. then and i quote "mum stop feeding my dad sh*t and help him lose weight" got it out in the open i had to before i went mad,

now i can see that may look harsh on my lovely mother but honestly guys she does all the shopping and cooking and buying of the "goodies" not my dad he works full time,but it was only on the same day i had my baby 6 months ago that we thought he had had a heart attack,turned out to be a pulled muscle but i would have thought it would have been a good kick up the ar*e for them both but noo,

Anyway we came up with a solution..... i get to do the shopping from now on lol lucky me eh?

so as i embark on my future of LT i get to shop for yummy food (sorry) for my dad, he did offer to join weight watchers with me but i dunno if thats what i want so i said i'd shop and cook if need be. (nose peg required lol)

Maybe i should join weight watchers with my dad what do you all think??

sorry it's long i'm just feeling a bit sad tonight
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Aw Kelly, you are a lovely caring daughter. Any chance he could join you on lt? If not,why not start Dad off on the healthy eating and you keep on LT. You can break him in gently and when you get nearer to goal you can both join WW. Start him off by cutting back on bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, alcohol and sugary drinks. Substitute with pulses,beans and quinoa.
keep up the great work.
I think you should stay on Lt and use the shopping and cooking as a learning kerb for you when you are refeeding, then set up a weekly weigh in with your Dad, and make him drink the 4ltrs of water a day too, if you could weigh your Dad on the same day you do your wi and then it will be a partnership, don't give up on what is working for you, you are already giving alot to your Mum and dad, I hope it all goes well Anna x


loves minimins
well after thinking about it i have decided to stick with my initial thoughts of LT and i am starting monday, so today i'm going to devise my dad a diet and work out a shopping list for him too.

thank you for all your help, i've lost weight at ww before but i took me 2 and half years to lose 33lb. it was a slow process but i need to lose weight now think my dad needs to do it slow and steady.
Hi Kelly - as irish molly said, would it be possible for your dad to join you on LT ? I have done LT before on my own and found it too easy to break - this time, I am doing it with a partner and with the two of us on it together to support each other, it has been fantastic.

You may both find the whole process easier if you do it together !

Good for you anyway. Hope it all goes well.



loves minimins
thanks paul, i'm not sure if my dad could do LT hes also diabetic (insulin dependant) suppose i could ask my pharmacist next time i see him tho.
Good luck with your dad hunni, With your support your dad will be so much healthier and happier.
Stick with the LT and as bigmuthabluffa says use it as a learning experience for when your off LT.
Best of luck sweetie.
Hi firstly your dad will start to feel so much better once he gets used to his mask.. His oxygen levels will dish and he will feel far better during the days as he gets better and better sleep, this will help him loose weight because he will feel well enough to move more.. As for the diet most men who get diagnosed go into a sort of panic that doesn't show outside- after all they are tough .. So what you are saying to him makes total sense even if he doesn't say it. And I'm sure he is so so grateful to you helping him sort it out.. And as others have said well done you for sticking to your while you help him with his weight. Xx


wants to be slim
Hi Kelly - my dad was also diagnosed with sleep apnea about a year ago and he is also a diabetic and is also very overweight - He's 70 now and he is stuck in his ways and like your mum - my mum feeds him food that he likes and not what is good for him.

We all keep telling my mum to stop making him pies and frying his food but she carries on doing it.

I asked him to join me on the Lipotrim diet but he said he wouldn't be able to cope without eating as he is very much a Meat, potato and veg man and i honestly don't think he would be able to do it. I have also offered to help with a diet for him but he knows he needs to lose weight but just doesn't do anything about it.

Its good that your dad realises that he has to lose weight and is wiling to try at least. Any tips on how you convinced him would be great so that i can use them on my dad.

By the way - My chemist currently has a 84yr diabetic man on lipotrim !
Hi Kelly, feel I must add my penny worth to all the replies! When I started Lt in January I was diabetic type 2 but on insulin, had sleep apnea, high blood pressure and kidney failure - and I'm 71. Having lost 4 stone I am no longer diabetic, infact I have no medical problems at all as far as I am aware. BUT type 1 diabetes where insulin in a life saving medication does not allow for diets like Lt. I had to get my GP to allow me to stop all diabetic drugs. Its really hard for you to sit and watch your Dad and I wish I could share with him how great you feel when the weight comes off - but I'm sure you will be able to help - your mum is like my other half (who is type 1 and insulin dependant) he does all the shopping and still buys huge amounts of crisps and biscuits and pop - even though no one really wants it!!
You were brave to voice it all - and he can still have his eggs and bacon, grilled and poached!!

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