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OT - Please can I rant, I'm furious!! No need to respond - just want to off load!


I will get to goal .....

So my house has been on the market since mid-December and got a reasonable offer on it 16th January. I accepted the offer on the basis that the buyers were ready to go and requested that I move quickly as they wanted a 28 day exchange. Yipee I thought - this should all happen very quickly.


It's now the end of March and we still haven't exchanged. My contract was ready to go 2 months ago. Week on week they have some lame excuse about not being ready - even tried to use the fact that buyers wife was pregnant .... and?? Who gives a t*ss??? She's been pregnant for months, pregnancy does not stop you filling out paperwork or communicating with your estate agent/solictor. FFS.

Anyway was told weeks ago that all was ready to go and here we are still not exchanged. Latest excuse for delay is that the baby has arrived. Well - ok, fair point, but this has been on the cards for months .... pregnancy and birth of a baby do not happen overnight. It's not like they found out yesterday or anything ..... why are these people soo unprepared??!!

So we were supposed to have exchanged yesterday ready to complete tomorrow and it's not looking like we will exchange today either. This pushes completion to next week. So I queried with my estate agent why we can't exchange/complete on the same day and I'm told the following .....

hang on .....

this is really worth waiting for .... .

are you ready ........


WTF is that about????

They've known they were moving (and quickly) since 16th January when I accepted their offer. How can they not have packed anything?! I'm soooo speechless and frustrated that I could actually cry.

I have made every effort to turn my paperwork around and get sorted quickly. My house is empty as now living with BF and they apparently can't organise a P!ss up in a brewery. How do people like this actually manage to live day to day .... do they not plan anything???

So now this will roll into April .... yet another mortgage payment for me just so that they are able to pack at their leisure. I can't begin to tell you how livid I am :mad::mad::mad::mad:. The estate agent is supposed to be chasing the exchange and he's flipping useless :cry:

I just want it all sorted so that BF and I can get on with our life together and all the plans we have made which depend on the sale of my house.

I'm very sorry for the long post and mega rant, just feeling very sorry for myself (and my bank balance) at having to pay a 2nd mortgage payment because these idiotic individuals are so crap organising themselves.

Thanks for listening.

p.s. in situations like this I would previously have had a rather large glass of wine in one hand and a huge bar of chocolate in the other. But I have to say that I have no urge to splurge on food/drink at all. Me thinks I may have turned a corner here ;):D
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Grrr don't blame you for the rant it would p*** me off too, But well done on the wine and chocolate front. threaten to pull out maybe??? or is that what they're hoping?
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do you think they may cancel it?

can you cancel it and stick it back on the market? i would if it was possible!

Lisa Marie

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it's a pain in the ar*e this house selling lark. Mines been up for sale since beginning of August and I haven't even had an offer yet. I dread to think how stressful it will be when I get to the stage you're at.
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Personally I would tell my estate agent (god I hate them!) to tell them that you will be putting the house back on the market on Monday morning unless they offer to compensate you for the extra mortgage payment! Either that or tell your estate agent that because they've not been pushing like they should of done (I'm assuming they knew you wanted to exchange in 28 days) you want a reduction in your fee or you will take the property off them and put in on the market with someone else quicker than they can say 'stylish interior'! I'd be shocked if they said no this close to completion.
It all depends on who you want to aim your anger at! LOL :D
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It took me over a year to complete on my house, and £10k in mortgage payments. What a pain in the a*rse. You have got to be able to do something, its not your fault that they aren't packed, I would threaten to take it off the market unless they exchange tomorrow. Your house is empty so surely they can move in at their leisure?

Grrrrrr with you, but well done on not emotional eating, think you might have cracked it kid!

Theresa x
Tell them to exchange and complete now, or you are going to put the house back on market. If they want the house enough, then they'll have to pay out for a bridging loan for the time it takes them to pack their stuff and go.

To be honest, you can pay companies to come and do everything for you, so it sounds to me like they are just mucking you around.

I am so sorry you are going through this .... stressful isn't the word. Well done for keeping off the wine/chocolate.
You have my sympathy. Dh and I sold our flat 9 years ago and it almost fell through because the purchaser forgot :rolleyes: to tell the estate agent she had a property to sell:mad:

You will get there in the end. Good on you for not turning to food.


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Sounds horrendous, hope it works out soon xx
That's what I hate about the English system, it is effing useless. They really need to change it. There would be none of this pissing about in Scotland, verbal contract and penalties to pay would mean they would have shifted there arses long before this happened.

That was always my dread when we sold our house in Swindon and moved to Scotland but it was plane sailing, completed and moved out within 4 weeks.

I really hope this gets sorted out soon for you and well done for not seeking solice in food n drink.
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If no-one minds, I'll move this thread to the Chit-Chat forum. I'm sure there will be lots of people who will identify with this rant ... grrrr!!! :mad:


I will get to goal .....
Thanks for all you replies guys!! It's sooooooo good to know that I'm not over-reacting. It just all gets a bit much sometimes!! :rolleyes:

I have spoken to my solicitor and the estate agency involved and given them a date of 4th April - 1 more week - on the basis that I want to exchange and complete on the same day. This I think is more than reasonable time for the effing idiots buying my house to pack their cr*p and hopefully will prevent any further lame excuses or delays.

Just waiting to hear now whether this suggestion has been accepted by all parties or whether mean Dobbie needs to rear her ugly head and get tough and start dishing out ultimatums (sp) and threats :eek:!!!

Fingers crossed!!


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Hey Dobbie, I soo relate to your problem. We had a very similiar experience a couple of years ago it was horrendous! I won't go into detail as it might scare you! I think you have done the right thing in giving them one more week but stick to your guns next week if they don't sort their lives out! I'll keep everything crossed for you xx

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