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OT: Some people really are the scum of the earth


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What a twat.....sorry to hear that.!!

Any chance he was holding a hand mirror and looking into it himself at the time. :stinkyfeet:
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holy crappers!!!! if that was said to me id prob be in bits in the corner of a dark room somewhere right now... some ppl are downright nasty... fair play for just walking on and holding your head up high.. he is some twat!


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Just be safe in the knowledge that 'what goes around, comes around' :)


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such a twat!!!


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Did you say anything to him after he'd said that? What a t**t.

I'd be in absolute pieces (even though in my case it's true, I am a bit of a minger!). Hope you are okay x
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OMG what a twat. I'd have slapped him (than probably gone and cried in a corner somewhere). I hope you're okay. xx
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oh I would have definitely slapped him, I wouldn't have been able to help myself! Hope you're ok though - people like that don't deserve to even be breathing! ((Hugs)) x


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Well done on ignoring this horrible person, not giving them a reaction is probably the most annoying thing you could have done to him. Take no notice and know you are beautiful whatever some stranger thinks he has the right to say, hoping you are ok


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Im ok, I knew not reacting was the most annoying thing I could do.

He wasn't an oil painting himself! hehe. At the end of the day, i'm happy, no bugger else is going to convince me otherwise :)

Also, I'm 5ft 1" and he was about 6ft, and I had my handbag in one hand an my sushi in the other! lol.
Im sorry you had to meet him,
I have had comments like that before,
and whilst it was upsetting,
I think Id rather be overweight than have a tiny wee brain like him!
Ahh hun do you know he was prob on drugs if not ge should be locked up for mental health reasonings.
I 100% don't think he is right your s beautiful person , you dud the right thing, it really irritates people when you ignore them you were showing him he wasn't even worth breathing for
you know he's prob bullied so had to throw his dummy st sn innocent lady shows how weak he is :)
((hugs)) xxx

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