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Other Body Changes...........


is working hard.....
Has anyone noticed any other body changes, apart from shrinking after following SW?

I ask because tonight for the first time in an age, I have painted my nails as they are strong, long(ish) and healthy. For a long time they have been brittle and splitting constantly, but even with gardening etc they are suddenly - wow!

My hair too (although admittedly now with added grey for interest) is softer, thicker and doesn't seem to be falling out as much!

All very welcome and positive changes, but a little unexpected!

Any one else?

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Is a crunchy mama!
My skin's a lot more supple and luminous. People say I think I look younger too :D


Mostly Harmless
I'm always cold :confused: Before SW I was always the person in the house who was warm but now I'm the one who has to put the heating on or grab a pullover.


I see the light!
I am colder too, the heat isnt so much of an issue anymore.
Also going to have to get my wedding ring resized as I can easily flick it off. My nails were ok but have since started to peel again, not sure why. My skin is clearer with less spots! woooooo!

Helen x
...all of the above
...also I have noticed recently that my rear aches alot more when sitting down on hard seats :eek:...less padding I guess! lol . I have to put mini cushions on everything lol :8855:



Silver Member
i agree with the cold comment I am constantly cold and never used to be...also the cushions for the bum...I had never suffered bum ache in my life before now lol
Agree with the majority of these, especially the bum comment snuggle, my butt hurts so much sometimes Lol. Ive suffered with IBS for years, to the point where I had to plan my journeys in case of emergencies etc. Now its great, I do still have the odd bout of it badly, but thats just how I will be, but apart from that its great I dont have to worry much anymore :) xx
I noticed that my skin is a lot clearer and my face looks 'fresh', and even though my *week fell in the first week of me doing sw, I didn't get any spots (which I have been getting since my teens) so it must start working from the first week :D


Fighting the bulge
I have to say that i am the opposite with spots!! Although my skin is a lot softer everywhere (esp my legs!!) i have never suffered with spots before and now i have them all the time!!

I also agree with the shoes sizes I've gone from an 8 to a 6/7!! xx

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
...all of the above
...also I have noticed recently that my rear aches alot more when sitting down on hard seats :eek:...less padding I guess! lol . I have to put mini cushions on everything lol :8855:

I know what you mean! I totally get this too! Im sat at my work chair now fidgiting like nobodys business!!!


Always comes back to MMs!
I'm loving being able to wear high heels for longer... rather than feeling like a pig on pins!

My skin has been really good too, havent had a spot in ages *touch wood*


I've noticed that I am definitely sitting lower in seats as the padding on my bum isnt as great as it was.

When I am in the car I can no longer see in the rear mirror to see whats behind me without adjusting it from what hubby has, this never used to be a problem :D:D


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My change is that I had a * week which never happens! My hormones must be getting a kick.


Will be slinky!
My nails, since starting to eat a decent amount of protein (before SW they improved a little, now since SW they are hard and grow to a decent length without snapping or flapping in the wind like paper.

I've noticed my skin is a lot drier since starting SW too. Maybe as less fats in the diet?


I will be a yummy mummy!
I also suffered from IBS for a few years and the increase in fibre from SW has meant I feel so much better. I used to suffer terribly in the afternoons and evenings with bloatedness and tummy pains

... trouble is it has also made me much windier... :eek:

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