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Ouch...eaten too much!!

My belly hurts! I've eaten masses today! I am still well within syns for the day - it's mostly been free food I've eaten. But I haven't stuck to my usual 'eating to my appetite' rule. I have totally stuffed myself!

Ever do that sometimes? Just gorge on free food but still feel like a fatty mc fat thing?
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Nojo on the YoYo
haha at the little piggy, that's so me sometimes!

On my second week I had an EE day, just to test it out, and I had so much food you wouldn't believe. Cous cous cheats rice pudding AND cereal for breakfast, TWO dinners, consisting of chicken and jacket potato and then a piece of salmon and veggies about an hour and a half later, bananas and more cous cous mid afternoon, then for tea had lamb shank, rice, SW chips - then for SUPPER had HEa cheese with some WW bread that I synned cos used my HEb up on cereal.

Used around 8 syns that day. Got on the scales at WI - minus 2.5lbs for the win baby, yeah!
pmsl Jay! Put a dress on that piggy and that was me last night!!!

Vix that indeed is why SW rocks. It's like mmmmmagic.


Nojo on the YoYo
Mmmmmmagic - like that kid on the EuroDisney advert!

Oh and I think I had 2 hard boiled eggs and at least 2 yogurts on that Fatty McFat day too! I remember getting the salad from the salad bar and squishing the eggs in to make them fit.
Mmmmmmagic - like that kid on the EuroDisney advert!

OMG! You are actually the FIRST person ever to get it. I say 'mmmmmagic' loads and I think people often just think 'er, yeah right Hellie, whatever!' and nobody realises I'm quoting the Disney kid!!!

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