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Evening all

Well 3 this afternoon i went for wee and as walking back i banged my foot on the corner of wall, the pain was there for like 15 secs and i though oh not bad.

I then went straight for kids in car and then came home and sat with a drink just to chill for half hour before making all tea for kids.

Well omg i stood up and i couldnt walk or stand on foot, i cant bend my toes and the pain is ouch shooting pain, pins and needles pain, after 1 and half i finally stood up and had to put foot on side so i could get in car so my dad could tape my toes together :(.

mum gave me some crutches and omg i cant use them, its taking forevaaaa lol.

Hospital said they wont be able to do nothing and they dont xray toes :eek: so i didnt bother going, so its anadin for me tonight.

On a plus side its a blooming good job i made all me veggies/pot and tonight tea yesterday.

Have good night all :D
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Oh Jacqui - it will be painful until the bruising starts to come out, and then your toe will be a lovely colour, just try to stay off it as much as you can (difficult I know) but rest and pain killers is all you can do for a day or two, you could put some frozen peas on your foot to help the bruising and swelling, sorry I can't be more helpful, thinking of you. X


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Ice! I broke my little toe when I was a young wifie! Caught it on the door frame. Murder! They just elastoplasted it to the next one.


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hope your ok chick, i feel your pain a few years ago i got attacked in the street and the guy tried to take my handbag, but an instant reaction was for me to keep hold of it and he ended up dragging me along the ground trying to get my bag, i ended up breaking my toe because of it :(. The hospital did x-ray my foot though.

The pain will ease off, it might take a few weeks though, so plenty of rest,and if you need to go outside, get a decent flat pair of shoes, so that you can walk on the side that isn't sore.