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Out Of Date Tetras??????????


Back On CD.......
Hi Everyone, :D

I have noticed I have about 6 banana tetras that are out of date by about a week now in my fridge amongst my good dated tetras, do u think I will be ok still having them or best not and just bin them??

Just frightened that all the vitamins etc have gone seen as thou they are past there best before date..

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oh no!
I would just take them back to you counsellor! You don't want to risk it considering that they are your sole source of food!
How do they taste? Is my 4th day and I'm thinking of getting some next week


Back On CD.......
Oh no, I have had these a while so its my own fault really.
They taste ok, watch me be bad tomoro, lol..

Good luck on CD, you will realise its all worth it come weigh day.

My CDC gave me some out of date banana tetras to try. She said she couldn't sell them as they were out of date but they'd be fine, So I've had a few this week. They tasted fine but I can't answer on whether they would have lost nutrients.

Tiara x
I'm wouldn't have thought they'd make you ill. Just might be slightly lacking in vitamins. No worse than cooking a pack I shouldn't think.
However, I wouldn't leave them too long!!
(if you're ill don't blame me :eek: - I'm no expert - but I have had some out of date packs by mistake, and I was fine :D )


Dreaming of being slim!
I would drinkl them but then I dont worry about out of date stuff-unless its chicken or something!

You should not use them after the sell by date as the vitamin and mineral content will not be as it should. Additionally some of the ingredients could start to go rancid.

As CDC's we cannot even give them as samples past the sell by date.

Sorry looks like its bin time for those.

Linda:cry: :wave_cry:
I have had out of date Tetra's - it has been hit and miss - I opened one and it just didint taste right so I binned it. That was one out of about 15.

The rest were fine. As far as I know the date is a best before date (rather than a use by date) - so whilst CD cannot sell you out of date products - I would say it is up to your discretion how long after the date you use them for.

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