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out of interest: does anyone use slender tone?

Just thought i would post this as i bought one ( it was half price) and was really sceptical.... so i dusted it off after it being in the cupboard for a year and have been using it for about a week,and i cant believe to say, there is a significant difference! who would have thought these work!!?!?!

anyone else used/using one and like it?
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I had something similar before (not actually slender tone, some cheap knock off as I was only a poor student!) and I remember noticing a little bit of a difference. Is the proper one worth it do you think? What results have you been seeing?
COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!! i dont know about you but the bottom part of my tummy is the bit i hate, just above the pubic bone is always bulgey and saggy and just after a week its literally is melting away, ofcourse i have been dieting too, but i definitely think, if you're near goal and want a little extra help with the toning it is well worth the money! i dont have time for the boring gym! so this was perfect i never thought it would work this well!! it will be staying out of the cupboard me thinks!!
I'm nowhere close to goal yet either, but have been going to the gym and follwing WW really closely, maybe gettnig a slender tone should be a treat when i'm closer to being less fat!

(Also, HereToLose, I copied one of your tickers, it was so freakin adorable!)
thankyou :) i got brought one for xmas and i haven't used it yet will be getting it out as i have the saggy part you speak of haha and im close to goal... ish woo :p thanks again :) like you i was wondering if they would actually work :D
I am just going to buy one now out of interest. I hate my stomach and arms so am going to buy one with pads where I can put wherever!

Will update later :) x
Be wary of other makes coz I have tried other ones and they were rubbish. Slender tone is the only one that has worked, but u can buy extra garments so u can use the controller on different parts of the body. But it's pricey. For the ab belt and controller it's £119.99 then pads every six weeks £15 and extra garments are about £50 extra each. So quite expensive. I want the pants to tone your bum but I don't have the money at the moment.
It does seem massively pricey! I guess you could always split the cost with someone in your household or neighbour and share, and have your own pads?

Highly tempted as I have the belly bit everyone seems to have! Maybe when I'm no longer a student I'll treat myself :) much rather spend the money than do 120 crunches every day... I'm so lazy haha :)
I bought a slendertone on ebay tonight. It was new in box and it a pad one rather than belt one. So I can put the pads anywhere - legs, arms, tum, bum! So will let you know how it goes. Didnt hardly cost me anything in comparison to how much they are online!!!

Will let you know how it goes :D x
Funny you should post this, DH gave me the belt one for Christmas 8 years ago. I got pregnant immediately he have it to me and it has stayed in the cupboard pretty much until yesterday. I'm nowhere near goal though.
I found someone on Ebay who is selling the Abs belt one for very cheap (compared to original price) so I think I might go for it!

m3003 - Haha you're right, what with the diet, I gotta spend the money some other way ;)
Just thought i would let you all know that i am laying it bed with my slender tone on full blast. I hope this helps get rid of wobbly bits. Its so faddy but people do say they see results so worth a go i guess!!!

I've only used mine a couple of times since getting it (really should use it more) but I could only withstand level 40 out of the possible 99! How are you doing on it?
It was ok. It was weird after a little while my stomach was properly tensing ... I could see it with my own eyes!

So I think I am going to keep at it ... 20-30 mins a night, and just see how it goes. Mine is one where you can just place the pads anywhere ... so I can put it on my arms, bum, thighs, stomach ... etc ... so last night was tummy... stick to that for a week then move on I think!

Will update if I do see results!

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