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Out of Ketosis - help?!?!

Need help people -

Went into Ketosis about Day3 but I've tested this morning and I back to 'only just' in Ketosis (i.e. on the '+')

Does this mean somethings wrong?

The only thing I've introduced that I wouldn't normally is Peppermint Tea.
It's Asda's own, 100% pure leaf - which I thought was ok?

Panicking this entire week will be destoyed - someone please reassure me...:confused:
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If you are adhering to your diet correctly as you are, then there is no way you will be out of ketosis.

Keytones will spill into the urine only when there is more in the blood than is being used by the body as fuel...

Drinking water will dilute the urine and therefore the keytones will not show up on the ketosis strip.

I hope that helps put your mind at ease.

Love Mini xxx


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Throw the sticks in the bin. They are rubbish. I was told this by Doctors and pharmacists. As Mini says if you're sticking to the plan 100% then you are definitely in Ketosis. So many tiny factors can influence those silly sticks. Waste of money.
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I was gonna say exactly the same as betsy. I have heard so much crap bout them sticks. The pharmacist checked mine wen i had lost nothing and supposibly i was perfect drinking the perfect amount of water etc but i still wasnt losing anything! I think they are unneccesary if you havnt eaten or had anthing other than the shakes tea or coffee with tablet sweetners not the sugar kind you will be fine. an any leaf tea is fine so dont be worrying bout the peppermint tea. Oh an r u using original mouthwash?I doubt this wud effect anything but just in case you shud only use original not mint etc!


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Ditto Anne-Marie & Betsy. I was in ketosis according to the strips from day 4 the first time, then they showed negative from then on. For the rest of my time on LT I was 'negative', totally negative, not even slightly in ketosis, according to the strips. My pharmacist even took me off LT when he did a test when my losses slowed down! He more or less accused me of cheating and wasting my moeny and suggested I refeed from that day. So I got a weeks worth, refed, got another stash of maintenence the next week and never went back!! I'm going it alone this time round and still showing negative on the sticks, and still losing!
Well, thank you all - guess you're all right as I had a loss of 11.5lbs this wk!!

Think I shall ignore them in future x


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
PMSL!! There you go then!! All that worry for nothing! Good luck in week two, though by the looks of it you'll not need it!


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Well done you!! thats a brilliant loss. Chuck the strips in the bin, I've never used them cos I thought they were a waste of dosh : )