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Out of ketosis. Help!


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S: 12st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 2st0lb(15.47%)
I'am on week 9 and had my meeting on Mon and was in ketosis i checked again today (4 times through out the day) and i'am not in ketosis? i have been really good and the only thing i can think of is the bouillion, i have had 3 cups yesterday? can anyone tell me if this has happened to them? My LLC has said no bouillion and take it into class next week for her to look at and max of 2 level spoons of the flavourings a day. I know it sound stupid but they are getting me through the day.
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Did I read that right; You check you are in Ketosis FOUR times a day???

Your readings are going to be different at all times of the day, and it could be something as simple as your body hadn't yet deposited many ketones in your urine giving you a negative result on the stick.

If you haven't eaten anything besides the LL packs, and a few drinks of boullion, then you WILL be in Ketosis, you can't not be.

Stop worrying, and stop checking so much as it'll mess with your head (like this!) :)


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S: 12st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 2st0lb(15.47%)
Hi Pete i haven'y checked my ketosis levels since about week 3, i haven't been losing much and decided to check today, i have kept checking since about 8am as i keep thinking its going to be pink this time! My LLC has said the bouillion could have kicked me out because of the salt. I'am so fed up, if i had been naughty i wouldn't mind!
Ah ok so I mis-understood what you said about checking, my bad :)

Hmm I guess it could be the salt, I remember some-one posting a while back to say you should get the low-salt vesion of the Marigold Boullion (think it's a purple tub?) but even so I'd be suprised if an extra drink of it took you out of Ketosis completely.

Think of it this way; you've been doing LL for 9 weeks, have lost 30lbs (wow!), and 1 extra Boullion drink isn't going to undo that. At worst, you might STS this week, but you've got another 4 days until your next WI so if you stick to the guidelines 100% you're going to lose *something* between now and then.

Try to cut down the Boullion and Flavouring I guess. It's ok to have them as a "treat" but relying on them to get you through the day perhaps isn't the best tactic; maybe try and identify why you feel you need the drinks to get through the day, after all we are supposed to working on cutting our dependancies on foodstuffs! :)


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i would sometimes be out of ketosis at a meeting if i had had a shake within the last two hours. i never cheated so it didn't really worry me. my LLC said it was just because i had 'eaten' recently

don't worry

daisy x


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Never, not once were we checked if we were in ketosis - wouldn't let it worry you!! They said that if we were losing (and we would if we stuck to it) then there was no need to check. Didn't bother me as the weight just fell off anyway.

I never had the boullion though, as I wanted to stick rigidly to LL rules, as in my mind it would mean that I'd 'cheated' if I'd done anything not in the book - and this meant a slippery slope to cheating with food in my head I think.

Good luck - you are doing brill!!
I had times when i was supposedly out of ketosis. I never cheated though. Some weeks my weight loss wasn't great but I never cheated so I knew it was fine.
I can understand why your LLC would recommend only 2 Boullion drinks...but water flavouring makes no difference to ketosis and you should be able to have as much of the stuff as you want.
Hope things level out over the next week. They usually do. If you've stuck to it and not cheated, it'll work trust me! xx


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S: 12st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 2st0lb(15.47%)
Thanks guys, my LLC is going to check with the medical team to see if the boullion is doing it. Pete you are right, i tend to be a night time eater, i'am a single mum and when i put my little one to bed thats when i eat, i haven't really broken that cycle as i normally have 2.5 packs after 8 pm and a boullion.