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This is our second week, both me and hubby are doing the diet, he lost 12lb first week and did the ketosis test and was in the purple colour.
I lost 6lb.....and was pink/purple in the ketosis water test.
Just ending the second week, and i know we shouldnt go on the scales, but we both did, to spur us on, and found neither of us have lost anything! ok weigh in is tuesday, but we tested our water and we are both WHITE on the ketosis sticks!!
hand on heart, we have not cheated in any way shape or form, we have drunk water, coffee, had the soups as a crisp in the microwave and had the shakes as muffins.
had a soup as normal and the bar oh and the savoury drink......
any ideas why we are out of ketosis and not losing......our hearts are sinking as we've been sticking to it completely, any ideas would be more than welcome:cry:
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hi :)

first of all... don't worry... if u have stuck to it then u have most probably lost weight.

How long after a shake/bar/savory drink/whatever else did u test for ketosis? The "food" takes u out of ketosis for a short amount of time so it could be this??

Also, my LLC says that the sticks are not 100% certain of whether u r in or not... try not to worry too much, stick to it... it WILL be worth it :)
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I think it might be the sticks - I was using some and they just weren't changing colour, I went to weigh in the same day and used one from there and it was the right colour of pink - was just the sticks I was using were dodgy.

If you stick to the diet once you're in ketosis then you're not going to come out of it so please don't worry.
thanks guys, yes we did test about 5 mins after having our last shake! so maybe this is the reason, may test again before bed!!

We were wondering if putting the packs in the microwave could have caused this? as we dont really like the shakes, so end up putting in the micro for 30 secs, to solidify and really enjoy them!

Will see what weigh in brings on tuesday!!!:sigh:


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If you had just had a shake then you are weighing that too, and any water you have been drinking. 1 Litre of water weighs 2.2 lbs.
I tend to weight myself in the evening just before tea (I stop drinking too much after about 5 otherwise I spend all night in the loo) so by 6 I am empty.
Also LL tends to mess with your bowel habits. If you haven't 'been' for a few days you will also be weighing that.

If I test just after having a pack it doesn't register as they do take you (very briefly) out of ketosis.

It is fine to cook the packs, I have a muffin every day, can't live without them, LOL. or the lattes.
On weigh day, try and bear in mind how much you eat and drink before weigh in.
I tend to stop drinking a couple of hours before and not have a pack just before either, save it for supper.

Well done on the great losses, it is brill you are doing it together.
Don't worry about the sticks. They are a very crude guide, and some people are less likely to turn them purple than others. My stick is always white, yet I've stuck to the diet 100% and lost nearly 100lbs, so it really doesn't matter.

Annoying, though, isn't it?
You should do the sticks at home first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

I cook the packs, I make crisps, muffins, biscuits and custard with them, and have lost 5 stones in 5 months.
I may be confused here but in all the time I was following LL my stick was nearly always the lightest I was told the darker the colour the more dehydrated you are and the the lighter the colour the better.
I lost 6 stone and if it was dark I supped more water.

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Bodies produce two types of ketones when in ketosis, but the ketostix can only pick up one type - so it could be that your body is producing the other type. If you're 100% abstinent and not cheated, you WILL be in ketosis. A litre of water weighs a kilo, so weigh first thing in the morning before you have a drink. Its usual when doing VLCD to have good losses followed by smaler losses (look at my signature for example) and this is normal, and shouldn't dishearten you. Whenever I have a small loss I look forward to the following weeks cos I know it'll be a good'un!
lots of water can make the ketostix results come out light. the best way is to do a test after you've held your pee for a while (lol sounds weird but its true). I discovered that at a LL weigh in. I did a test and it came out practially white, then i did another one after holding my pee for a while and it turned pink. it's worked for me ever since.