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I had my second weigh in last night. I did really well & lost 9lbs! That's 15lbs in total! The only downside from last night was that according to the Ketostix thingy, I am not in ketosis. My LLC said that my weight loss would indicate that I am fat burning, so not not worry & it might be that it either didn't show up on the stick, or I might be someone that goes in & out of ketosis. I promise I have not cheated - not even a little bit. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?
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You've lost 15lb ... there IS no downside :)

Well done - that's fantastic: over a stone in two weeks! You probably weren't registering ketones because you've been drinking heaps of water and they're mega diluted. Don't worry - you're cooking on gas and doing well!
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Wow well done on the losses.....amazing, dont get hung up on the sticks though. If you are being 100% on the diet it will work.....I havent tested for ketosis for a long time, I feel there is no need as Im sticking to it and the weight is coming off.
I've never trusted those sticks!
If it's coming off then you're in ketosis. As time goes on you will absolutely know the signs and your bod will definitely go through so many changes in terms of how it responds to all sorts of things.
Well done on such a great start :D


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I'm on my 4th day and am just in ketosis, can someone tell me, is it the purpler the colour the more you are in ketosis, I joined my group when everbody was in week 2, so I migh of missed this information,
Basically pinks and purples indicate ketosis with more purple being deeper but as discussed before this can also indicate dehydration so its sometimes difficult to judge (despite 6 litres of water I am a persistent dark violet).


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thanks for that kerrie, so basically as long as it is pink onwards, I'm drinking 5 litres a day xx
Yes but don't get too hung up if it never comes up the right colour - my weight loss shows I am burning fat well and if I wasn't drinking enough it would probably be slower so the ketostix aren't always that informative. If you are having 4 packs a day, 4 litres plus and not nibbling anything then you are doing everything right!
Hi there

I have had 3 weigh ins and all have been negative! I can honestly say I have not once cheated although I have been close! ;)

As said above don't get hung up about it - I don't. If I know I have not cheated and have drunk the water then I just accept it


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