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out of ketosis?



Finally a size 12!
Best to test 1st thing in morning hun as more water u drink the more diluted it is xxx
oh right that might be why then because on saturday morning it was almost purple. Thanx hun x


Finally a size 12!
Mine read like that if ive drank loads if ya havent cheated hun nothing will of changed xxx
i checked again this mornin i'm still out of ketosis well its the colour of the first pinky/peach one where it says trace. i dont get it i had 2 ibruprofen yesterday morning do you think this could effect the keytones


Says it as it is!!!
I have just done a ketosis check with the stix and i'm out of ketosis the colour is the first biege colour on the chart. Whats happened i haven't cheated or anything just kept doing the same as i'v been doing all week.:confused:
My sitx show neg from about 11 am onwards...don't worry hun...just diluted and it will be back to pink in the morning!!!
If you are peachy pink... you are still in ketosis!
If you drank late at night this also impacts on the stix... Honeslty hun you will be fine! You are in ketosis!!!
doubt it? unless they were sugar coated? im not sure....

You using the right mouthwash etc... no chewing gum??? etc???

I only checked my ketosis once - but it does seem strange that it is on the bottom colour???

Hopefully its just a freaky thing thats happened - im sure if u have stuck to it 100% u will be fine - like u just had an awesome weigh in - so im sure u are doing everything just right xox
only using listerine mouthwash no chewing gum i'v not done nothing different to last week apart from take the tablets i think they are sugar coated arn't they they have like a pink shell on them look like smarties.


Finally a size 12!
Try not to use ibuprofen as they can give you a dodgy tummy hun best to stick to cheapo paracemtol as there not coated xxxxxxx


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I got really hung up on using stix last week then decided to stop as when it was pale i panicked and when it was dark I panicked as I thought I was de-hydrated. looking at your weight loss I really wouldn't worry about it ...just stick to the diet and drink loads and you'll be fine.
with love x

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