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Well. I think it is fantastic there is a diary section on here. I was going to start an online blog - but figured nobody would ever read it ... and I have noticed the support on here is absolutely awesome ..so .. here goes!

Where to start really? Fat kid ... fat teenager ... certainly does = fat adult! I have skipped around pretending to be large and jolly for many, many years, but as I am 30 this May .. and staff at work have started calling me 'big Luce' and starting sentences with 'My friend ... shes a big girl like you'. It was just one wound too many open so I decided I must do something about it .. for good!

I am by no means new to 'dieting' over the years I have dipped my toe into Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins, Slim Fast ... but never last more than a month. I generally lost about 7lb and then start to slip into old habits. Thats the thing with me. I am addicted to food ... BAD foods .. there, said it! I love nothing more than chips, fried breakfasts, crisps (damb Mr Walkers ...) and 'bad' foods generally. I happily go along for months on a take away a day. So I'm not one of these people that blames my 5'6 / 14 stone 13 frame on metabolism - I eat too much, of the wrong things ... simple!

You may think 14 st 13 ... hmmm, not a drama, but for me it is. I have never been able to wear anything other than an 18 or 16 in 'good' shops. I have never been able to be fashionable - or even wear a swimming costume in comfort. I have a really tiny frame and in a recent body scan I was pretty much 80% pure fat - gross !!! What I want people to understand is I don;t carry baby weight or I havent grown 'fat' over the years ... I have always just been this way ...

Anyway, its time a for a change. For real this time. I was scanning the internet and speaking to friends about ideas and I found Go Lower. This seemed ideal for me because it induces the body into ketosis - through food. I really, really admire people who can drink shakes or stick to a vlc diet - but I know, after trial and error that this isnt for me.

The box arrived and I set 28th December as 'D' day. I think that was important to me because I needed to have a start time - usually I just finick around 'nearly' starting something for weeks before I give up.

The box contains everything I can eat for the next fortnight while I am on the detox stage of the diet, generally a granola for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a meat based meal for tea (beef bourginon, pork and leeks .. meat balls ..) alsorts. You can have a portion of vegetables with this. There are also 2 snacks a day, nut bars, chocolate cremes and pork crunch ... (wow I thought .. I love that stuff!!)

So anyway, started 2 days ago and for the first 2 days I felt absolutely horrendous. Hungry, sick, headache ... which no amount of paracetamol touched and so, so, tired. I have slept 14 hours each night for the first two days. But .. something amasing has happened today. I woke up - sans headache ... and I am in ketosis - I feel absolutely wonderful. Awake, full of energy - and totally not hungry! I was seriously thinking of packing it in all day yesterday as with my job as a lecturer (back to work MondaY) I never thought I could go to work feeling the way I did.

I guess it must have been withdrawal from caffine, wheat and sugar - how amasing that these so called harmless substances can make us feel so wretched when we dont have them ???

So anyway, thats it from me. ... sorry for the chapter of War and Peace. I will do general updates, and will probably have a good moan too ..

Final thing for today - wow - there are some really inspiring stories on here. I will use your stories and determination to help me on my journey.

Thanks for listening - if you have got this far you deserve a gold star !!

L xx :eek:
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Well. It's day 6 and I thought I would leave a bit of a break inbetween rantings on my diary.
Bit of a funny day yesterday, thought it was about time I left the safety of being 'in control' of my cravings at home and went shopping with the OH. It was horrendous. There was food everywhere - all the types I love to gorge on too .. I didn't realise how much food had a hold on me. I felt physically shakey and awful that there was so much i COULDNT have ... especially my usual Gelato.

I had 2 pieces of chicken breast while walking around to curb my hunger - which to be honest hasn't been there since the ketosis has kicked in .. but the emotional need to eat, as comfort, still seems to be here big and strong. I am wondering if I will ever be able to break the cycle at the moment?

I have stuck to the plan regliously and really hope to see results on the Monday weigh in. I must not get too disheartened however - although I will be ringing Go Lower if not because from dropping down 1000 calories a day there must be something seriously up with me if I don't lose anything.

Looking forward to be being back in the classroom on Monday. I do miss my students during the holidays (weirdo, I know!) but they give me something to focus on other than eating - and generally offer me a good laugh or 10 throughout the day! Just hope I am not feeling as ratty and generally sorry for myself as I do at the moment !

Onwards and upwards huh ... off to brush my teeth for the 5th time today ... does this taste in your mouth ever get better ???? Or do you just get used to it .. hee hee.


S: 14st12lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Day 8 ... grrrr. Weighed myself yesterday for the first time and I havent lost a fig. Several frantic phone calls to Go Lower and half a pint (at least) of tears I have just about got my head straight .. so .. ok

For 8 days I have had no carbs, no sugar, no glucose ... 3 litres of water a day, and measly 'rations' of processed rubbish from Go Lower, headaches, achy legs, bad breath, freezing cold hands and feet ... and no weight loss. What on earth is going on?

Go Lower have told me to start a diary for the next few days and made me feel as if it is something I am doing wrong. All I have done is eaten what I am told - and am provided for, and drank my quota of water. I have had no extras, nothing sweet, nothing 'banned' .. AGGHRR its just a nightmare! I feel as if I am being made to feel as if I am cheating .. when on my life I have not !

So, anyway, action plan. There is a weight watchers meeting in my area this evening so I am going to go and join WW again. Good old WW .. I always go back. These faddy no carb whatsomithings obviously arent for me. I am going to stay low carb and certainly NO carbs after 5pm but stick to weight watchers ...

Watch this space, will it be Weight Watchers 1 - Go Lower Nil ? Who knows, but it will be very interesting to find out !



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Hi Lucy

I started LL in October and obviously had a great loss in my first week but one lady there only lost a couple of pounds.
She was devastated and couldn't understand why. Unlike the rest of the class, she kept drinking tea, coffee, broth mix and gallons of water before getting weighed.
The following week, she didn't drink for at least a couple of hours before weigh in and lost lots more than the rest of us that week.

Could this be the problem?
My old LLc said that 1 litre is 1lb.
Just a thought.

Hope you don't give up though.


S: 14st12lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well. I am on day 4 of Weight Watchers now and feeling so much healthier, happier and sleeping well. I just don't think a diet where it is dictated to me what I eat is good for me. I have stuck to WW to the book (it is so easy) and have gone under my points on most days, have a nice bank for a treat on Saturday night - maybe a chicken tikka masala :)
I am sticking to the low carb (and restricting portions) but have not taken carbs totally out of my diet. I was in ketosis for a further 3 days after I reintroduced carbs, which I thought was odd ..
I can understand why people do a low carb diet if the ketosis works for you, but for me it just made me feel ill and very tired. I have a very busy job as a lecturer and I just didnt have any energy.
Anyway, it is on the up. I am still feeling REALLY positive and since I have finished the Go Lower food is no longer constantly playing on my mind. I can eat what I want within reason and am still scrapping the potatoes, pasta and rice, but not worrying about carb content in other foods. I even had a nice chunk of cadburys chocolate last night - absolute BLISS !!
So anyway, that is part 3 - or is it 4. Will update again after weigh in on Monday evening



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Good luck x