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Out of the mouths of babes

My 4yr old daughter does not understand the concept of dieting.
Every time she sees me with my shake or soup she says oh god not the diet again. I keep trying to explain it will help me lose weight make me slim and help my knees (osteoarthritis in both knees). This morning she got excited at the thought that when I have lost the weight I might even be able to run around and the garden with her. Then a bit later she had obviously been thinking about me getting slimmer because she asked if it will make my bum smaller, when I said yes she cheered. I asked her if it was big and she said yes. :eek: Well I did ask
Out of the mouths of babes lol
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Kids eh?
This morning, my 11 year old daughter was telling me about some man she'd heard about in the news. She looked at me seriously and said
"He's been put in jail for sexually insulting a lady."

Gotta love' em!
Lol - reminded me of my 5 year old the other day. I'd bought some new clothes coz existing ones were too big (just lovvveee saying that!) and had a new top on me. She looked at me.... put her head to one side and said "mummy... you're getting skinny"

I'm far from it and got a long way to go but she sure made me feel good!


Finally...Life begins
It does make me laugh what they say, and they usually say its the truth.. one thing that encouraged me to get back on to cambridge when I was failing was I was watching a tv programme about overweight people and there was this lady who was very very obese and was airlifted from her bed to get to hospital. My daughter (who is nearly 3 now) ran up to the screen and said.... "like mummy and Hayley" - My Neice hayley is a couple of stone heavier than me lol.
My mouth hit the floor my husband chuckled and then ran! When I said to her what about other people in the family (picking out slimmer ones!) she said no just like Mummy and Hayley.

My Cambridge Counsellor was phoned the next day lol.

Although I have to say she has redeemmed herself, potty training still and occasionally she will ask me to sit on it for her, and ill say, I can't Mummy too big and she will say you have a little bum mummy you can do it. Bless her - that definately isn't the truth!! LMAO :)
lol, reminds me of one time about 5 years ago there were 'go walking' ads on tv and my bro who was about 10 says to me 'you should do that Lyn' and I'm like 'I do go out walking' and he says 'sure you'd take a taxi to the mace'. omg I couldnt stop laughing, the mace shop was about 300 yards from my flat! :D:D

A few weeks ago I was sitting on my bed in my pyjamas, my daughter (4 yrs old) came behind me and started rubbing my hips:) saying "body fat, please go away so mummy can be happy, please body fat" - then in a public toilet last week, "mum, did you know your bum is bigger than the toilet seat", last one, "you can't wear dresses can you mum, because you have a lovely, rolly polly juicy belly":p I am on day four of SS if I get any negative thoughts I go back to those comments and remind myself of the main reasons I am doing this!!!! Kid hey, the sad and good thing about it, is that they speak their minds.
I had the same top on as my sister in law who is a size 10 and I am a size 16, emabarrasing anyway but my 3 year old neice promptly asked me if my top was made of special elastic as it looked far bigger than her mummies one !!

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