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Out To Lose - Food Diary

Ok, I'm struggling to have breakfast...as I'm not used to it, so here is my food diary for yesterday...I took your advice and had more syns!
Lunch - 2 small Jacket Potatoes with 1 tin baked beans and 28g grated cheese (HXa).
Dinner - Beef Stew & Dumplings - peas, carrots, onions, sweetcorn, green beans, swede, turnip, celery, quorn beef style pieces, 85g beef (HXb) new potatoes (mashed, skin on, using milk from HXa) rice, baked beans. Dumplings - 7.5 syns, gravey - 1 syns.
Snack - Mullerlight.
I felt I did ok, please comment to let me know how you feel I did and any improvements I could make....Thank you x
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You seem to be doing really well. Why don't you start one diary so we all know where to find you then you can update it daily with your food and all you thoughts etc x
Thursday - 8 Syns

No breakfast

Lunch - Fresh fuit salad ( Apples, Banana, Strawberries, Grapes) & Mullerlight Yoghurt

Dinner - Chicken Rissotto (113g Chicken-HXb, rice, onions, chopped tomatoes, garlic, 2xPeppers, mushrooms & fresh tomato.) With 28g grated cheese - HXa.

Syns - 3 Gin & slims 7.5
Chicken Stock (cube) - 0.5

Total syns - 8
Healthy Extra's - 2 a (cheese & milk), 1 b (chicken)
Friday - 1/2 syn

No breakfast

Lunch - Chicken Rissotto (rice, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, 2 x peppers, mushroom, fresh tomato, >113g chicken HXb, chicken stock = 0.5 syns) Mullerlight & banana.

Afternoon snack - more rissotto (see above)

Dinner - Chicken Stir Fry (113g Chicken HXb, beansprouts, carrots, sweetcorn, onions, cabbage, pappers, egg noodles)

Evening Snack - yet more rissotto

Healthy Extra's used - 2 a - Milk & Cheese, 2 b - chicken

Syns - 0.5

I had a day of wanting to eat as much as possible and as I had prepared Rissotto allowing the chicken for 6 equal portions although I managed to split it into much more than that, I ate the last portion of it over the course of the day. I hope this won't wreck all the good I've done this week. I really did feel like I'd eaten loads!!!
Saturday - 1.5 Syns (green)

Lunch - Tinned tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs (milk HXa)

Dinner - Beef Stew (Beef HXb, peas, carrots, green beans, onions, swede, sweetcorn, celery, baked beans, rice) mashed potatoes.

Snack - Chicken Stew/soup (chicken HXb, spaghetti, onions, rice, sweetcorn, mushrooms.

Syns - gravey 1, chicken stock cube 0.5
Sunday - 65 Syns

2 weetabix HXb, 2 x milk HXa

Dinner - Dry roasted potatoes, 85g Beef HXb, peas, sweetcorn,

Snack - Banana, mullerlight

Syns - 2 x Apple cider (16?), 1 125g bar Galaxy (38), frosted flakes (11)

Total syns for week = 94
Monday - 13 syns

Wasn't feeling very well so didn't eat all day and had a kebab take out which I syned as follows:-

Chicken - 226g max - 2 HXb
cheese - 28g HXa

Lettuce, Onions, tomatoes, cucumber, Pitta bread (7.5 syns), Mayo (5.5 syns)

Mullerlight and milk - 250ml semi (HXa)

Total syns - 13
Tuesday - 3 syns

Lunch - Fresh Fruit Salad (Banana, apple, strawberries, red grapes, white grapes) & mullerlight.

Dinner - Pasta, onions, tomatoes, 85g Minced beef (HXb), mushrooms. Tomato Puree (0.5) 28g Cheese (HXa)

Snack - Fresh fruit salad & mullerlight

1 Gin & Slim - 2.5

Total syns - 3

Each day I use 1 HXa for my milk in coffee!!
Wednesday - 3 Syns

Lunch - 85g Tuna steak (HXb), new potatoes, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, & Low cal salad cream (3 syns)

Dinner - Jacket Potatoe, Baked beans & 28g cheese (HXa)
Thursday - 0.5 Syns

2 x Weetabix (HXb) & Banana with Milk (HXa)

Lunch - Mild cheese & Broccoli Pasta'n'sauce - 0.5 Syns Milk(HXa)

Dinner - Chicken Stir Fry - Egg Noodles, Onions, Garlic, Beansprouts, Carrots, Cabbage, Peppers, Sweetcorn, Worcestershire & Soy sauce, 113g Chicken (HXb)

Snack - Banana, Mullerlight

2 HXa used & 2 HXb

Syns - 0.5
Friday - 19 Syns

Mashed Potatoes (Milk - HXa), Cod (HXb), Butter Sauce (2 Syns), Peas, Sweetcorn.

Chicken Kebab - Chicken (HXb), Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, half Pitta bread (4 Syns), Mayo (5.5 Syns)

Gin & Slim (7.5 Syns)
Saturday - 0.5 Syns

Fresh Fruit Salad - Strawberries, Banana, Apple, Grapes & Mullerlight

Chicken Rissotto - 113g Chicken (HXb), onions, garlic, peas, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, rice (Savoury Rice - 0.5 Syns)
Sunday - 72 syns

85g Beef (HXb), dry roasted potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, green beans, broccolli & Mashed potatoes.

Evening a complete wash out .... chocolate (19 Syns), Burger (26 Syns) & Cider (27 Syns)