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I just wanted to write a quick note about how things have changed for me personally since being on the show on weds night (will my crash diet kill me).

Initially I had a lot of negative comments from other dieters and this got me a bit down but actually realised that the people who are important in my life were proud of me for doing something that took me a lot to do.

I also received a lot of positive comments, for which I am really grateful, and if only one person decided to change themselves cos I did a program then it would be all worthwhile.

In terms of personally something that I really didn't expect to happen did. Last night I was on a night out and normally I'm the one in the corner who won't dance as I'm scared of people looking at me and drawing attention to myself (and yet I did national tv - I know ironic eh lol). However last night it was completely different - I actually didn't care (and yes I was sober). My absolute worst nightmare was everyone seeing me in my underwear and i think because I overcame that it was really liberating and realised that your own thoughts are far worse than anyone elses. And so I danced the night away without caring what people thought (admittingly I need dance lessons haha).

This to me is a huge turning point and if that came because of the documentary then I am glad I did it!!!

If I am honest - since the cameras left me a week and a half ago I went downhill (alot of thinking about how I will be portrayed and other people that were filmed with me were calling and panicking the same way) and I let any diet go and had a fair few drinks as well (I basically hit the self destruct button). Over that period I have put on a few lbs and whilst I'm not happy at that, I'm pleased that something positive has come out of it personally. Put that with all the nice comments I have received, and I am as determined as ever to get to goal and get my place back on the team. So from now I am back on track and here is to my goal :)

Thanks nic x
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Nicola, remember those negative comments will have been from people who either don't understand CD, or don't understand what it is like to be overweight.

They could not have been negative about YOU because quite frankly I think you gave a lot of people hope and you came accross as a lovely person.

And well done on the dancing, your right you have faced your biggest fear, and what the heck, you are very brave and 2 fingers up to all those doubters, most people would never have the courage to lay themselves bare for people to see.

What is most important is what YOU think and YOU feel.

I think your pretty amazing ! xxx


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I think you were really brave to be on the show and you came across really well :)

Can you post the link to your blog again, after seeing so many comments about it Id like to see it :)


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Congratulations you super tv star!!

You were amazing and an absolute credit to cd and a huge help to all of us!! Xxx


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Sorry Lauren posted at the same time as you - but thanks - I didn't want cd to come across badly as I've said it worked for me & has changed a lot of peoples lives :) I must admit being out last night and people saying they saw me was a bit unnerving (when speaking to them all was in back of my mind was you've seen me in my underwear lol)!!!

You're doing amazing from 20 stone to 14 - bet you feel a load better for it!!

Nic x


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Nicola, you came across brilliantly and proved that the diet DOES work. It's so sad to hear you've had so many negative comments about it. People should praise you for taking control of your weight and not hurl negative comments at you!!

Well done on the dancing :) I know how you feel about not wanting to bring attention to yourself - I'm exactly the same. It's so nice to see that you can become confident and it's giving me hope that maybe I'll overcome it soon too!

You should be really proud of yourself :D

Mrs Taurus

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I didn't see the programme,but I've read loads of posts about it and they all have one thing in commmon; they are all full of praise for you Nic x


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Hi Nic,

As I've already posted on the other thread -- I think you came across as thoughtful and mature. You were very honest and out of the three people on the show, you seemed to be the most realistic about what you were doing. Also, you were the only focused on losing weight for health and fitness.



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Awww thanks felix. I know it's easy for me to say now because I've done it but it's so true when people tell you that people actually don't care - they are too bothered worrying about themselves!! I really hope you manage to work on your confidence as the thing I've learnt (not from this but over the years) is noone will give it to you, it's something you need to nurture & grow yourself. I've also learnt that a specific weight won't make you happy - you have to be happy about you as a person regardless of size :)

Surprisingly for me a lot of the negative comments were from people who had weight issues themselves. I'm sure there is some reason for that and why I've ignored most of them!

Nic x


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Thanks MinnieMel - yeah health and fitness is what is important to me - obviously I don't want to be this big but I know If I look after fitness the weight will come off as well :)

MrsTaurus - someone who hasn't seen me in underwear - woooooo lol - thanks for tour comment



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Sounds like you had a great night! Yeay - go you!

I think you came across really well. You seem like a lovely, bubbly, intelligent and determined person. I can't imagine why anyone would have bad comments?!

Thanks for being brave enough to do the show and giving people something to think about . I think this diet is best used as a kick start to a better understanding of eating, a better relationship with food and quick initial loss; then moving on to a more balanced way of eating. Seems like you represented that and are doing really well.

Good luck on your journey and keep us posted.