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Over Emotional??

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Been feeling kind of odd recently, not sure when it started or what it is really or even how to explain it but will have a go. There is part of me that believes the only emotion I should be feeling is one of complete joy and happiness at what I have achieved and, please don't get me wrong, this emotion is certainly there and I am generally extremely happy. However, I have noticed lurking under the surface feelings of uncertainty and almost bewilderment which have made me quite over emotional and tearful. I am not sure what is driving these feelings or whether it is totally self indulgent. I think there is a certain element of not really being sure of who I am which sounds ridiculous because I am the same person I have always been, but silly things like walking into a clothes shop and not even knowing where to begin leaving me feeling a little lost. All the way through my journey I have been 100% focused "eyes down on the prize" as Icemoose would say, I don't think I have ever really stopped to acknowledge what has happened or how far I've come. Maybe there is a realisation that a life long dream could actually become a reality and a sense of not really knowing how to feel about it. Not sure I am making any sense and can't help feel guilty about having what could be perceived as negative emotions. Sorry for rambling and for sounding a bit over analytical - has anybody else experienced mixed emotions during their journeys?

With love
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Kind of busy at the moment, so I'll make this short:D (that's a new one for me)

Just wanted to say, I felt exactly the same. It takes time to adjust.


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yes porgeous!! i had a bit of a breakdown last week when i couldnt stop eating, i think it was mainly due to almost being under 11st, which i had never been in my adult life and i was self-sabotaging, yet being slim is something i want more than anything in the world, and always have done. there is a certain amount of fear attached to it, im not sure how im goin to define myself as i have always been a fat person. but sometimes u just have to take a deep breath and take the plunge and its only because of teh beautiful and supportive people on here (thank u tara and leah and maggie!!) that i managed to get myself focused again. hope this helps, think i may have rambled....

hugs and kisses georgie!!
Hey Porgeous,

I have very similar muddled feelings most of the time so I know how you feel. It can be totoally overwhelming and there is a pressure that you should be elated but I guess we still need to remember we are going through massive changes in our bodies and that these could have equally profound mental effects. I think some of mine is hormone related but sometimes I just don't know what to think. I can be very indecisive lately and I still have real low patches. Hopefully it's something that we can work through over time though!

I do think there is something in what you say - finally coming close to something that you have struggled with for a long time is a bit scary but also can leave you feeling like you have nothing to aim for anymore - for me I won't be Kerrie trying to lose weight and that is strange after so many years of being that person. I think making those kind of deep changes takes time to adjust to but I'm hoping that my head comes through this as healthy as my body will!

Hope you feel better soon - don't feel guilty about these emotions, they aren't negative, just different and part of you adjusting and accepting the new you.

Kerrie x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Georgie, What you are feeling is normal....after such a drastic change in a short period of time takes time to adjust. I think we all have the self doubts. I find that even going into the shops I still head for the larger sizes first, I have to tell myself that I am no longer this fat bird that needs rent a tent....I am now a slimmer healthier person that can fit into smaller clothes and look reasonable. Still find it extrememly hard to see myself in the positive. I know other people will tell me how good I look......which is nice But, I still see the fat person......it takes time to adjust.

Go easy on yourself Georgie you are a lovely person and you are looking amazing.....and that dress on the other thread Made you look stunning!

Self affirmation.......get a mantra and recite it every day!!!

You are an inspiration to lots of us on here Georgie....we love you xx

OMG I'm a waffler lol
Just gunna pop in here an say - I love you georgie xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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With any weight loss diet, loosing the weight is just part of the journey. Periods of disbelief and emptiness are felt...you feel as if you have lost a close member of your family.
When you have come to terms with the "loss", the euphoria will follow!!

Oooo that sounds really profound! - my own thoughts on it all too!

You have done fantstically well and your'e a real inspiration to us all!
I can totally relate to feeling lost. Especially in shops.... having spent my adult life in Etam, Evans, Plus M&S and Ann Harvey - I walk into a large Next or the like and freak out. Too much choice and way too scary. I also haven't accepted the new me and also mainly haven't quite settled into my new life. I have already been through the grieving process on two levels, one for the years I have wasted hiding behind my weight and not dealing with my life and two, accepting that after years of believing with all my soul that my life would be perfect if I could just be slim, that this is not true.

I have made some pretty drastic changes in my life and frequently find my self bewildered and lost - but the main thing is - it is ok to feel like this. You shouldn't feel like you have to put on a Stepford wives kind of "everything is just great" attitude just because you have lost the weight. Ignoring your emotions is what got many of us in trouble with our weight in the first place. My suggestion would be to cut yourself some slack in that department and just spend some time getting used to the new you and learning to like yourself in every respect (not just the physical) I know for me this is where the majority of the problem lies.

Take care Georgie, it is a time for some inward reflection, but also a time to celebrate - try to find the balance that works for you. In the meantime - try to find small branches of clothes shops - the big city stores just scare the hell out of me!!!

Love Laura
I am the same, I feel so ungrateful!! I have spent all my life on a diet dreaming of being a size 12 and now I just can't seem to do it!! I went yesterday trying on clothes for xmas do's, i've always been 16/18, accepted size 14 quite easily but my head won't let me do size 12 even though the 14's I were trying were too big I just feel weird. Spoke to 1 of my closest friends today and she said she can't understand why i'm not running round in elation, i'm just not, I don't see it - utterly bizarre isn't it!? I think we're just out of our comfort zone and it will...hopefully!! come. Confusing tho.....!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Thank you sooo much gang, it is fantastic to hear that I am not alone and that you have all had similar feelings. I identified with so many things that you all said and really appreciate you sharing your feelings with me - somehow makes me feel much less alone. I have tried talking to friends but they don't understand how I can feel anything other than elated (which of course I do). Having thought about what you all have said I think I have reached a point where I have finally drawn breath and am in the process of letting go of the old me - this is both a great thing (as I didn't like her very much) but sad at the same time (because I knew her so well).

Your posts brought tears of comfort to my eyes and I thank you all.

Love you
Georgie xx
That post brought tears to my eyes!
You trully are an inspiration G xx
To georgie and everyone feeling a bit poo at the minute you're all amazing beautiful butterfly's that have emerged from their pupas and a wonderful inspiration to us all!!! xxx

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