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  1. getslimbydec

    getslimbydec Member

    finding it hard to go to the loo, what is the best thing to take so it doesnt effect the diet HELP
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  3. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

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    good thread - i'm starting to feel like that too chick... so you're not alone :eek::p:eek:
  4. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member

    cambridge SS
    hey hun

    my cdc told me to take senakot laxative if i got bunged up.

    I am on day 6 today of SS havent had any probs yet but am expecting it as I used to suffer with IBS.

    debs x
  5. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member

    Good thread, I'm an IBS sufferer too and wondered if that Fibresure was allowed to be taken while on SS. Don't think it contains citric acid or anything.

    Fibresure Powder - £5.99 - Fibresure - Chemist Direct

    I have found the opposite though while on SS, I've had the runs :eek:

    Hope your poorly tummy improves soon :)
  6. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    hi guys,
    im also a chronic IBS sufferer .
    before u go down the route of laxatives, try the more subtle helpers.
    fibresure is what i use and it helps a great deal. there is also benefiber and u can get fibre 89 from ur cdc.
    also for those that are managing to go but not happy with the 'amount' try psylium husks (sold in many health shops) as these help give u 'bulk'
    hope this helps.
    nursebex: thats not unusual as ur body has to get used to the concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals going into ur system. try splitting ur packs into 6 smaller meals for a few days until ur body adapts.
  7. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    I'd definately recommend taking a fibre supplement daily as it really does help.

    You can buy Fibre89 from your CDC, or use Fibresure - in tablet form (which is psyllium husks) or in powder form (which is inulin, same as Fibre89). You can get Fibresure from Tesco & the like. Psllium husks in powder or tablet form are available from most health shops.

    After almost 2 weeks of being bunged up & miserable i started taking Fibresure tablets and i now go to the loo daily - twice today :D tmi sorry lol - I feel a million times better and, as you can see below, it hasnt affected my losses.
  8. bluemoon

    bluemoon Silver Member

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    i take a sachet of fybregel every morning. I have become so sad that I try and imagine it is a glass of fresh orange juice!!!!!!!!!!
  9. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    i take PH tabs there fab go every day just takin 2 :D
  10. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I take fibresure everyday, and it really helps
  11. Leah K

    Leah K Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    Might help to have a large glass of water before or after your shake/soup, as the water will help the mineral/vitamin content to 'disperse' a little more. I have found that this has helped me.
  12. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member


    Thanks for the tip, will also try the Fibresure alongside the shakes and soups see if that helps!

    :cool: x x x
  13. Leah K

    Leah K Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Must admit I'm feeling really bunged up today, it's making me feel a tad sicky as well!
    Will certainly have to look into getting something, will pop to a health store today

  14. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Is it just one teaspoon of Fibre89 per day?
    Thank you! X
  15. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member

    Hope everyone's tummies are feeling a little less bunged up!

    Quick question, can you add the Fibresure to your shakes or do you have to make it up with water? Not sure why but it makes me gag a bit :eek:

    Thanks in advance x x x
  16. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    yes you can add it to your shakes, or switch to the capsules I find them great :)
  17. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

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    Hi all,

    Green Tea is the solution for me. Drink about 3 or 4 cups in about 1 - 1.5 hours and I find.... just have (sorry too much info).

    Was feeling bloated but not from water if you know what I mean. Try it and really feel what it does to you body/bowel.

    Good luck

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