Overweight at Last!

Well done you!
Fantastic Dani

Enjoy being overweight as it won't be long until you're 'Normal'!

Dizzy x
I can't belived I'm so excited - but i am.

Wearing a suit to work today I couldn't previously - 2 more pounds and I have hit two stones. I think it is beyond this mark other people begin to notice. I feel a lot healthier in myself.

But...it has been hard. x I am in admiration of all the folk who are doing 6 -10 stones. 4 seems hard enough.
I be you feel a million dollars in that suit.

I have found that I am walking tall - if that makes sense. I feel great in size 16 clothes. How on earth will I feel in size 12's?

What are your plans for Christmas/New Year? Will you stay on the programme or take a day/s off?
well done dani. you have every reason to be a smug cow lol. you've worked hard and should be proud! its great to see people hitting milestones.

Have a very merry slimmer christmas!!!

Well done, glad to hear people reach milestones.